11+ Html CSS Projects for beginners with source code 2022

11+ Html CSS Projects for beginners with source code 2022
11+ Must Build Html CSS Projects for beginners with source code 2022

In the present era, Web Development is one of the significant components of the IT industry which is evolving and more career opportunities are available. There are mainly three types of web developers frontend developers, backend developers, and full-stack developers. This article below will list the small HTML CSS projects for beginners with source code.

If you are willing to jump into the web development field, you need to start with Html and CSS. Newbies always make mistakes they start building big projects, but before building them having a clear picture of the basics and fundamentals of HTML CSS will land you in big multinational corporations.

In our previous article, we have listed the 24 Web Development Projects ideas from beginner to advanced. You must have a look at the article – 24 Web Development Projects Ideas

Websites To Learn Html and CSS for beginners

There are many resources to learn from the internet. Reading docs is one of the best-preferred ways to learn suggested by industry experts. While learning coding you need to practice as much as possible, the more you practice you will understand the language. Three Websites for learning HTML CSS for beginners are listed below:

Html CSS Projects for beginners with the source code list

1. Build Vertical Navigation Menu

Every website hosted on Internet must have a navigation menu bar. Mostly every website prefers to have a navigation menu at top of the website. In this tutorial, you will learn to build a Vertical Navbar.

2. Portfolio Cards

Every time when you visit service-providing websites they must have portfolio cards or testimonial cards. These are some common sections that are available on every website, as a web developer you must know how to build this.

3. Stats Preview Card

Now is the time for building a stats preview card for your website. Stats preview card displays the stats of your service or company. For example number of Clients, successful projects, and many more. These cards will help to clear the CSS fundaments and one of the helpful exercises in Html CSS Projects for beginners with source code.

4. Our Services Section

Making money through your websites is one of the important tasks. The visitor must know which type of services you are offering and more details about the work. So let’s practice how to build our Services section for any website. There are two tutorials to learn how to build the Our Services section check out both of them.

5. Testimonial Section

Using testimonials on websites is the best way to display your work feedback to customers. This will influence new visitors to buy or take service.

6. Newsletter Subscription

Email marketing is one of the oldest ways of online marketing. Sending emails to the people’s notifying them about new releases or services. Display the Newsletter subscription form on your website. This small project will help you learn about HTML forms and more. One of the most important projects on the list is Html CSS Projects for beginners with source code.

7. Build a FAQ Section

Frequently asked questions help the visitors to clarify more about the websites and provide the answer to the website visitor. FAQ section must be created on the website for audience satisfaction and reliability.

8. Footer

Design a footer using HTML and CSS. The Footer of the website contains the logo, navigation links, newsletter subscription, and more. Footer is placed at the bottom of the website.

9. Pricing Cards

Pricing card to display the cost of your services and more. Websites that sell something must have a pricing card for their websites. For Example Sellin Courses.

10. Build a Documentation Page

In this project, we will learn how to build a documentation page. A scrollable documentation page with a fixed vertical navigation menu bar covering different topics with documentation.

11. Build A Tribute Page

In this tutorial, we will build a tribute page for Steve Jobs. This project will strengthen the concept and fundamentals of HTML and CSS properties such as display, positions, and more.


The above is the list of Html CSS Projects for beginners with source code. These projects will help to strengthen the concept of HTML and CSS. These small projects are the must-have section for every website. Visit the full playlist of 100 Days HTML CSS project for beginners by the webdev guy.


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