12 habits that destroy your focus and productivity.

Sometimes knowingly and sometimes involuntarily we fall prey to some habits which destroys our focus and productivity and hampers our personal growth.Below are 12 such habits,which one should consider improving and they will surely see some positive change going in their lives.


Sometimes knowingly and sometimes involuntarily we fall prey to some habits which destroys our focus and productivity and hampers our personal growth.Below are 12 such habits,which one should consider improving and they will surely see some positive change going in their lives.

1. Checking Your Phone First Thing In the Morning

One of the worst habits that many of us share is checking our smartphone first thing in the morning. The problem is that, when we do so, we’re instantly in reactive mode. Our thoughts, ideas, and focus are immediately hijacked by the new messages, emails and notifications that we’ve received, which forces us to think about that stuff instead of on our goals. Personally, I find it very hard to resist the urge to check my email and messages.So,i suggest to take some personal time after leaving the bed.

2. Not Planning Your Days & Week’s.

I clearly notice how my most unproductive days are the ones that I didn’t schedule or didn’t schedule well enough.it may sound tricky and hectic but believe me it is worth it. If you don’t schedule your days and weeks, you’ll just wander around. You kind of know what to do, so you’ll have a kind of work ethics.

You need to protect your time for those most valuable tasks or else it’ll fall prey to distractions or other people’s agenda.One could maintain a diary to keep track of the things they are engaged in,to monitor their time effectively.

3. Eating Bad Foods.

Another huge productivity and focus killer is eating bad foods or as we call them junk food. When you eat foods that contains a lot of sugar and trans-fat, your energy levels will crash hard — leaving you unable to work with focus and intensity.These trans fats play a very detrimental role to our healths in long run and you can fall prey to heart diseases and atherosclerosis.

Rather, make sure you eat enough fruits, veggies and healthy fats in order to fuel your body and brain with the right vitamins and minerals to perform at peak levels.

4. Sleeping In.

sleeping asian young male disturbed by alarm clock early morning in bed

Sleeping in immediately puts you in a lousy state of mind .Which makes much harder to motivate yourself to work hard. When you start your day in a lazy way, you tend to carry that mindset throughout the rest of the day — and that leads to procrastination and time-wasting.This point literally destroys the concept of time management,all the things that you had planned for today goes into the bin.After that it does not matters how hard we try to catch up to our schedule,we are already behind.

So, i suggest sticking to the sleeping and waking time strictly and our diurnal rhythms will be in perfect sync.Also you will wake up in a powerpack mode.

5. Watching Netflix or TV First Thing In the Morning

For years, I used to watch at least one hour of TV in the morning. And just like checking the smartphone first thing in the morning, this habit is not beneficial for your focus and productivity levels.The thing is, when you watch Netflix or TV, you’re already starting your day by distracting your mind. Essentially, you’re priming it for distraction for the rest of the day. As your brain has already received a huge hit of dopamine, it only wants more.

It’ll be much harder to fight distractions throughout the day. Especially when you’ve already numbed your mind by watching TV in the morning.So it is suggested to have some yoga and excercise instead of watching content first thing in the morning.

6. Watching Porn

Pornography is used by a majority of both men and women. Though men are more frequent consumers. Watching porn create several problems such as depression, social anxiety, low motivation and concentration. Moreover there is a significant difference between that reel life and our real life .The aspects of human intimacy contradicts with the ideologies of pornography. Slowly people succumb to the addiction that follows due to the dopamine release from our brain.

7. Masturbation

This surely is one of the main problem of the young and teenager people. The problem occurs from masturbating is that the decision taking capabilities and Intelligence gets badly affected. Some other problems involves eyesight weakening, pimples start appearing, body pain and headache.Moreover the overall energy level of the body becomes considerably low.So i suggest that it needs to be stopped slowly for those who do it regularly.

8. Procrastination

Delaying a task till the last minute just for the sake of momentary fun. Guess we all have been down that road at some point in our life or the other .It creates a fear of failure as we are underprepared, low energy level as the zeal to accomplish that task is missing now and a lack of focus. Most of the plans and ideas which strikes our minds goes in vain when we fail to react in due time. Procastinantion is surely a devil and the worst enemy of our success.

I suggest following the rule of 5. As in whenever an idea strikes your mind,count backwards form 5 to 1 and move instantly towards accomplishing that task. Any further delay kills the zeal and willpower to do that task effectively

9. Staying up late at night

One of my main problems with teens as well as the adults nowadays.Staying up the whole night Chatting,gaming and spending long hours surfing the web and on a phone call.what follows is then sleeping the whole day. Consequences are Pimples, body pain, laziness, the feeling of tiredness. We all should try sticking to the old proverb which goes like – Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise. Wise words indeed.

10. Not removing distractions/time-wasters

  1. Television
  2. Family/friends/co-workers
  3. Videogames
  4. Social media. These are some things that cause distractions and should be consumed in limited amounts. We should remember,. that the reel life is considerably different from our real lives.The hours we spend doing nothing productive are somewhat detrimental .

11. Bad relationship

Indulging in a relationships that wastes your time and money should be avoided. This kind of relationships causes anxiety, Depression, possessiveness, trust issues. Humans are social animals. And it is normal to seek intimacy with people we find attractive or care for.But the choices should be made very smartly as to who deserves our time and space.

12.. Overthinking

Overthinking is one of the main problems which leads to Depression. Self-doubt; self-esteem issues; concerns about repeating past patterns in relation to prior bad experiences; traumatic experiences; or anxiety. These are the leading causes of Overthinking which makes it harder to enjoy life .Moreover they can impact emotional regulation and sleep patterns, too.

Personally i feel that we should leave the past in the past and only take lessons from those experiences.


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