24 Web Development Projects Ideas

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Best 24 project ideas of web development for the students looking to build career as a web developer.

Web Development projects are much important for students who are looking for a bright future as a web developer. Web Development is one of the most important considerations in this era just because in these modern days everything gonna is digitalized. People want to gather all the information in just one click, Here comes the work of a web developer who involved himself to build such platforms which can helpful for every individual.

So, if you are a student basically an undergrad looking for web development projects to enhance your skills so you will find here 25 web development projects for practice, Which will help you to have command in different languages such as JavaScript, Html, CSS, and All.

25 Interesting Web Development Project Ideas


The portfolio website is one of the best ideas for beginner to get command in HTML, CSS, Javascript. An attractive portfolio of yourself can give a good impact on others about Your Work. This is a very cool project because you can show your own portfolio Website which contains everything about you, doing something different from others will give you an opportunity to get recognized.

One of the best ideas is to start building your Portfolio website only using HTML and when you have good command in HTML, implement CSS, Javascript and etc. The portfolio website is the best beginner level project for Web Developers.

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2.Survey Website

Survey websites getting lots of attention nowadays because different big corporations do surveys for their betterment and enhancement in their work. Making a Survey website is not so difficult task if you are familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript you can easily implement a survey website.

This is an intermediate level project for web developers. You don’t need to use advanced skills such as React.js. So Survey Website can be considered as next to beginner-level projects for web developers.

What is the Work of Survey Website – Survey websites are used to collect/gather information on various topics.

3.Meme Generator Website

Memes are the only medicine to get our mood right. So why not make a meme generator website where you easily make a meme by few clicks. This will be a great project for freshers. But for making or creating websites you need to get your algorithms strong.

Not only for practice but there are many famous meme generator websites that make lots of money by ads(Google AdSense). For making these types of projects you need to know the Javascript at a good level. Meme Generator is good for college competition and to strengthen your developing skills.

4.Typing Master

Creating a typing master website is one of the great ideas for web developers. All you need to be creative for making this website. You may have visited many websites of Typing Master but can you do something different which will give your own recognition.

You can have free bonus tip from us, Create a simple typing master website which can the number of words typed in a minute, and spelling check, the most thing which you can add to attract your viewers if you add different keyboards button when pressed, it is attractive and lovable. Need More Stuff like creative ideas then comment below.

5.Wallpaper Gallery

Wallpaper gallery website ideas are for those web developers who love photography and can build a website to publish their photos. A simple wallpaper gallery is can be simply made with HTML and CSS or You can also use Bootstrap if you are familiar with it. This is a beginner level project you must create this type of project to highlight on your resume/CV.

For Design ideas you can visit many wallpaper websites but don’t goes up to advanced level start with a small step so you can reach a higher level. You can also make a simple wallpaper website for your friends which will boost your confidence.

6.JavaScript Typing Game

This is one of the crazy ideas to build a typing test game for fun. This is a great website development idea that will also help you to build your command in Javascript. Create a website that can count the number of words typed in one minute. Create this fun website and play with your friends. These small projects can help you in big projects.

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7. To-Do List

This is a beginner level project, each and every expert has gone through this. The To-Do list is a very common project in different streams. You can simply implement your skills to make a web-based application of the To-Do List. You can get the design idea by visiting more and more of these types of websites.

Making a To-Do List will not take much time if you are confident in your skills. You need the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

8. Clock

Making a clock on a website and practicing in a different manner such as implementing a countdown timer clock or stopwatch.
This type of small project can help you to implement small steps on big websites. Making a clock will give you command in javascript.

This is just a practice project you cant show this project until you have shown some creativity which will please more and more people. It’s up to you and your thinking process.This beginner/school level project.

9. Chess Game

A great and fun project for all the web developers ad students to build a web-based chess game using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
This is a very good option to get command of your skills and strengthen your web development skills. You can also find the Web-based chess game project tutorial on youtube.

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10. Movie Review Website

This is an intermediate level project where you have to give your and time and to design the front end and then implement the codes. This can be a good project to start your career in web development. By building this website you can start your own blogging website where you write movie reviews.

This project will test your skills so before jumping to this project do all the research required and don’t forget to do the revision.

11.College Notes Website

The project which will make you famous in your college. As you all know all the student dont want to attend the classes, but during the exams everyone need notes, so if you are able to manage notes and build a website which can provide all the notes to all the students, this will be amazing and interesting to do.

12.Blog Website

Blogging is trending in the present era and millions of blogs written in a single day. SO why not to build a Blog website of different categories. Where you can write articles on different topics, this is a great advanced level project you can go for. This is similar to the Movie review website but here you need to implement more and extra features.

If you are aware of freelancing then these are some examples of work you will get on the freelancing websites where they require a blog website for themselves.

13.Image Converter

This is a basic idea of a website where you can provide features of photo editing such that they can create the image resolution, image format, crop and etc. You can visit these types of websites to get some ideas.
This is an intermediate level project you can go through this for practice purposes.

Similarly, you can for a website for a music format converter. Its totally depends on you how much time you can give.

14. Product Landing Project

Build a product landing page website this will give you great practice. Building a product landing page will help you to get command in responsive web design projects. This is beginner level project which will give you lots of experience for your future work.

15. Giphy (creating unique giphy)

This is a fun and interesting project to build or work upon. This type of website is used to create interesting unique GIF which is loved by too many audiences. This is an intermediate level project which you can also make in your college competition and win the project.

16. Quiz Website

There are many quiz websites on the internet. For you, as a web developer, small skill and experience would help you in many ways. This quiz website is another example by which you can strengthen your Javascript knowledge. If you have recently learned javascript then this is a great idea to built a quiz website.

This quiz website contains questions with multiple answers and after giving the quiz the answer will be displayed with the right answers.

17. Fruit Slice Game

As you have played games like Fruit Ninja where we slice down falling fruits, this is a good beginner to intermediate project to practice website development. In this project, the focus will be on HTML and Javascript. If you looking to have command in these then this is the good practice.

If facing some issues in this project you can find the source code of the project if you search on the Internet. You will master many javascript concepts and DOM manipulation in this project.

Advanced level Web development Projects

Now you will get to know some expert or advanced level projects which you show in your interviews. This doesn’t mean you can’t go for these for projects but it will be a great idea if you go through some basic web development projects then you jump to these.

To build all these projects you will require/need both front-end development and Back-end Development skills.

18. Online Students Counselling Websites

This is one of the creative ideas you can go for, you to build a website where students can come and apply for student counseling. Although you don’t have to give counseling you just have to build a responsive website that will help you to deploy your web development skills. This website mainly focuses on the Authentication part, front end design and etc.

19. Restaurant Website

Online Restaurant Booking Website, another example where you have to use your backend skills. A Restaurant website where customers can book their sits while sitting at home. This is a very cool project you can make free for any restaurant you want.

This can make the life of customers easy because many times it happens you visit the Restaurant and their no seats are available and you have to wait for your turn.

20.Online Courses Website(Like Moocs)

Moocs are getting too much popularity in the present era. People love to learn while sitting at home. Over the past few years, many websites come up with their ideas to teach students online. One of the best examples is Coursera and Udemy. So you should try to build a MOOC website of yours so this will give you a great experience and at the same time you will earn how these websites function.

21.Book Shop/E-books Website

Book shop website where people can buy books of their interest just like an e-commerce website. You have already known about the famous E-Commerce website Amazon, Flipkart and etc. So try to build an E-Commerce website where you simply selling books. This web development idea will give you the experience of working on a product-based website.

If you are looking for a job role as a web developer on the E-Commerce website then this is the great idea for you all.

22. College Fest Website

Want to become a hero in your college days? Try this. Use your web development skills to develop a website for your college fest. This can be done in intermediate to advanced level. The amount of creativity shown in the project will show your development skills.

Idea – It is not compulsory to make the back end if you are not familiar with the back end Development its good to find alternative such that you already build the front end but for registration, you can use google forms. To get some idea ou can visit different fest website of different colleges.

23. Online Saloon Booking Website

These is something trending in India, People around you will always looking to build this type of website. You can build this website for someone for free, you will have your practice and the persons business will grow. This type of website will help you in over all growth .that refers to full stack developer. This website will check your designing and creativity skills and at the same time the backend deelopment.

24. Online Photo Editor

This is an expert level project before jumping to this web project tight your jeans because it has lots of complexity if you build in an advanced level. Many times people searching for this type of website so that their work can be done in a shorter time. it’s a good idea to practice the basic projects then come to this because this type of project needs more research and much time.

25. Social Media Chatting Web App

Social Media platform are one of the most common things which people use in day to day life. This is a great project for web developers to practice both front end ad back end. This type of project will help you to learn about authentication concepts and much more. There are number of tutorials available on youtube which can help you to build this project.

If you are will to do more then try to build a discussion portal where people can ask question, write article and can do different stuffs.


This is the list of some web development project ideas which can help the emerging web developers. To be noticed before jumping to any of the projects it is necessary to complete your knowledge on that topic. Don’t try multiple projects at a time just focus one of the project ideas. These are some of the great web development ideas which will definitely help you to have a strong command in your subjects. Always remember practice makes the man perfect the more you grind the more you will gain. Web Development and Web design are one of the sectors which is getting lots of popularity in this time so it is a great choice to dive in this. All the best.



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