5 Best Netflix Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Web Series of 2022

5 Best Netflix Hindi Dubbed Web Series of 2022
5 Best Netflix Hindi Dubbed Web Series of 2022

Hollywood web series like Breaking Bad, and Friends are so amazing to watch that they blow the mind. There are also Hindi dubbed Hollywood web series that are more engaging and mind-boggling. As Netflix’s popularity increases in India they started dubbing web series and movies in Hindi and different regional languages.

Netflix does an awesome job in dubbing as it feels like the real one. Here in this article, we have listed Netflix’s 5 Best Hollywood Web series released in 2022. We have selected the best web series of different genres like superhero-based, full of thriller and mystery, horror and love drama.


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Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Web Series List

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is a superhero-based web series. During an experimental accident, a person becomes a superhero and then becomes a famous public face. A story of a superhero who needs to clear his name from bad doings and save people from threats. After proving his innocence, Cage turns into a legend and celebrity in Harlem, just to experience another danger that causes him to defy the line between a savior (superhero) and an enemy.

Dark Desire

Dark Desire is one of the best romance, thriller, and murder mystery Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Web Series. In the beginning episodes, the web series will awaken your sexual desires, and after some time it becomes a thriller, murder mystery web series which will blow your mind. The romance between those thriller scenes increases the interest in watching the web series.

Snow Piercer

Snow piercer is the finest Netflix Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Web Series of 2022 with no negatives. The web series has a unique storyline. The series shows a different world inside of a train which is beyond imagination. Netflix Snow Piercer is one of the must-watch web series. The series will definitely blow your mind with the action and unique concepts.

Archive 81

Archive 81 is a mystery, thriller web series. A boy found a mysterious tape after which he started finding a mysterious girl who is shown in the tape. There is a lot of suspense build-up from the first episode of the web series which will land with all the truth at the end. There are some scenes that are so scary that you don’t want to watch the series alone.

The Rising Dion

The Rising Dion is another amazing superhero-based web series that gives an amazing experience of superpowers. The story is based on a mother and child who faces superpowers and is unable to control his powers. The web series is a complete mixture of action, drama, and superpowers. The child manages to control his super powers and is able to win a fight with creatures.



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