5 Must Watch Bollywood Movies on Fathers Day 2022

5 Must Watch Bollywood Movies on Fathers Day 2022
5 Must Watch Bollywood Movies on Fathers Day 2022

On every 3rd Sunday of the month of June, the world celebrates Internation Fathers Day. Fathers, our family heroes, he is like a strong tree who can defeat any storm for the sake of his family. If you are looking to spend time and get the bond stronger, we suggest you watch these movies. In this article, we have the list of 5 must-watch Bollywood movies on fathers day. We wish you a happy movie marathon.

A father works punctiliously to fulfill all the needs of the family. Therefore, this is important to celebrate and recognize his efforts toward his friends and family. In India Fathers’ day is celebrated with a lot of joy and love, children make cakes for fathers and bring presents to them. Also read – 9 Best Adventure Animated Hollywood Movies 2022

List of 5 Must Watch Bollywood Movies on Fathers Day 2022

1. Chichchore

The best story describes how failures can also be a part of Happiness. The movie depicts the story of a father when his teenage son tries to attempt suicide because of not qualifying for the IIT entrance exam. But destiny does not want his son to leave this world, his father and his friends started narrating their college life which led his son to learn life moral ethics. This is one of the best in the list of 5 Must Watch Bollywood Movies on Fathers Day 2022

2. Piku

Piku was directed by Shoojit Sircar and is one of his best movies by him. Do you want to witness a road trip with your father? then this is the movie you must watch. The movie portrays the story of a father and daughter, who was there on a road trip to Kolkata and come closer in spite they both having different ideologies.

3. Angrezi Medium

Humor, Emotion, and Entertainment all come out of the movie. The movie represents all the efforts of his father to fulfill his daughter’s wish to go to London for studies. Hats off to all the forfeiting and superb dads, A funny film supported by entertainers who have flawless comic chance to make you normally go into LOL mode. The tale about father and Daughter simply contacts you somewhere inside and furthermore shows you a few wonderful things, there is a great deal of normally engaging minutes generally all through the runtime, and feeling goes deeply and contacts you. This film is a combo of a wonderful dad little girl story, feeling, and diversion to its ideal.

4. Dangal

The perfect examples of fathers who never give a thought that their daughters are less than boys or sons. This is the movie that can be seen by many Indians if not this is a day and you must watch it with your father to strengthen your bond. After a year of ages now people have stopped doubting a girl’s capabilities. Dangal represents how a father goes against all the odds and social norms to make his daughter’s career in wrestling.

5. Dear Dad

The story revolves around a father and teenage son, who went on an unplanned road trip which helps them understand each other and strengthen their bond. The journey has lots of ups and downs adventures. The movie can help to relive your journey with your parents. This is a must-watch movie.


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