Marvel movies are more than the audience’s imagination and expectations. But this time Marvel’s web series is doing wonders and they are beyond imagination. The recent web series Moon Knight based on Egyptian culture and with a mind-boggling fictional story will blow your mind. In this article, we have a 5 Must Watch Marvel web Series list. Only a few of the web series in the list are available in Hindi dubbed.

We do have a list of Hindi Dubbed beyond imagination Hollywood web series 13 Hollywood Web Series in Hindi Dubbed

5 Must Watch Marvel Web Series

1. Wanda Vision

Wanda Vision Official Trailer
Created byJac Schaeffer
StarsElizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn
Total Episodes9 Episodes
Where to WatchDisney+ HotStar
Wanda Vision

In the Wanda Vision Marvel web series, the MCU shows the life of Wanda and Vision Together. Two gems with extraordinary superpowers are able to live a suburban life. The story becomes more mind-bending when they started suspecting their life that everything is not as it seems to be. The plot is more intriguing and mysterious, especially in the first three episodes.

2. Moon Knight(2022)

Created byDoug Moench
StarsOscar Isaac, Ethan Hawk, May Calamawy
Total Episodes6
Where to WatchDisney+ Hotstar
Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a recently released marvel web series. The plot of the web series is based on an Egyptian culture showing gods in late history. The web series consist total of 6 episodes which is a bit annoying because it grows in such a flow you want more to explore the plot of the web series. The CGI, Actions, mystery, and suspense are all overpowered. Meanwhile, you need to have a strong movie mindset to understand the plot because sometimes the story becomes a hard mess.

3. What If

Created by
StarsJeffrey Wright, Terri Douglas, Matthew Wood
Total Episodes18
Where to WatchDisney+ Hotstar
What if

It utilizes clever scripts and creative explanatory animation to bring the fans the fiction they’ve been looking for and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Every episode is very unique so there is a wide range of situations and no one can really tell how it will end up or what characters will appear. The series burns through no time making sense of any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and simply comes to the heart of the matter of the situations, and furthermore begins to combine the situations abruptly. This is one of the must-watch marvel Web series

4. Loki

Created byMichael Waldron
StarsTom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Total Episodes12
Where to WatchDisney Plus Hotstar

Loki is a great structured marvel web series that extends from the previous occasions of the MCU. Loki shows extraordinary guarantee and layers the establishment for Phase 4. It acquaints us with the antagonist of the following couple of wonder motion pictures. Furthermore, it presents him in a great way.

5. Hawkeye

Created by
StarsStarsJeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Pugh
Total Episodes6
Where to WatchDisney+ Hotstar

Previous Avenger Clint Barton has an apparently basic mission: return to his family for Christmas. Conceivable? Perhaps with the assistance of Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old toxophilite with fantasies about turning into a Super Hero. The two are compelled to cooperate when a presence from Barton’s past takes steps to wreck undeniably more than the bubbly soul. The story itself does not revolve around Hawk-Eye as the name suggests it shows the story of 22 years old girl who wanted to become a superhero.


The above mentioned are the list of Must watch Amrvel Web series. In this list, we have not included The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as it has so much of negative reviews. but somewhere you also have the option to watch the series as it is not as bad as people are reviewing the series. Let us know what we have missed?



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