5 Reason why Radhe movie become the lowest-rated movie of Salman Khan

Radhe Movie Review
Why Radhe become the lowest rated movie of Salman khan

Radhe: The most wanted Bhai Bollywood movie starring Salman Khan, Jacky Shroff, and Disha Patani was released. This is the first time when Salman Khan released the movie on the OTT platform and in theatres. After the release of the movie on the first day, it gets a rating of 2.0 in IMDb. Audiences put many negative reviews and disliked the movie for many reasons.

In this article, we cover Radhe Movie Review, Cast, and 5 reasons why the movie gets the lowest rating on IMDb. There many movies which are beyond imagination, We have an article for you 8 Bollywood movies beyond imagination.

Radhe: the most wanted Bhai Review

Every year on the occasion Eid Salman Khan releases a Bollywood movie. This Year Radhe Was released. The movie gets so much criticism because of the horrible storyline, unwanted dialogues, and poor songs. Once again we saw Salman Khan playing the role of typical Indian cop and tries to make a crime-free nation. Many people claim that the movie is a resequel to the 2009 movie Wanted.

Radhe Movie Review
Screen Shot from the movie Radhe

As the movie has no storyline the movie seems more horrible. Radhe the cop is fearless of death and no one can defeat him. There is no specialty in movies, as always action, bad jokes.

GenreAction, Crime, Thriller
CastSalman Khan, Randeep Hooda, Disha Patani , See full Cast
IMDb Rating 1.8/10
Streaming OnZEE5
Data Source from IMDb

5 Reasons Why Radhe become Lowest rated movie

1.Plot of the movie

The annoying plot of the movie. After watching the movie people realized there is no direction of the movie. Movie scenes change very frequently which is annoying.

2. Dailogues and Jokes

The funny dialogues make no sense. There is lots of effort to create comedy scenes but the jokes are so unfunny that makes it useless.

3. Songs

Like a typical Bollywood movie, there is a number of songs in the movie. There is no single song that makes you feel the emotions of love or anything.

4. Resequel of Wanted movie

While watching the movie Radhe, the vibes of the Wanted movie are there. It’s not wrong to call the movie is re-packaging of the wanted movie.

5. Bad Vfx

Bollywood always fails to produce a good VFX in the movie. We hardly saw any Bollywood animated movie other than Mongli and Chota Bheem. Good VFX can make the action scenes more interesting and engaging.

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The above mention point is personal reviews your opinion may vary. Before watching the movie do consider watching and reading the movie review. Watch it at your own risk.


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