Over the past few years, the South Movie industry has broken all the records in the making of great movies. S.S Rajamouli the magician was the artist who directed the movies like Bahubali and RRR. RRR is a recently released movie starring N.T Ramarao Junior, Ram Charan, Alia Bhat, Ajay Devgan, and more fascinating Actors.

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RRR Official Trailer
DirectorS.S Rajamouli
Cast N.T Rama Rao Junior, Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt, And See More
Release Date25 March 2022(India)
IMDb Rating9.0/10
RRR Movie Release Date, Cast, IMDb Rating, and Review

RRR Review

After the hype in the trailer, the movie stands up to the expectations. RRR movie has now in the list of most earning movies with the business of more than 900Cr. World Wide till date. The top-notch performance by N.T Rama Rao Junior, Ram Charan was his career-best performance. Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan look so promising in their character that will make you fall in love with the movie. This is a complete “Paisa Vasul” Movie.

The Vfx, Background music, Action, Dialogues, and Cgi is all the backbone of the movie. My favorite scene is when Bheem(NTR) attacked the British empire with all the lions and other animals in unexpected and mind-blowing. The other interesting fact is the title RRR is introduced after 45 minutes of the start of the movie. S.S Rajamouli has done a brilliant job which should be appreciated. And yes the songs in the movie will take you on a deep dive into emotions and love.

RRR Movie Plot Summary

The RRR movie is the story of two revolutionary people fighting for their country and men. Bheem the leader of a tribal group went to Delhi to save one of the tribal girls(Malli) forcefully taken by British Governor Scott Buxton and his wife Catherine. On the other side Rama, an Indian British cop dedicated all his energy to becoming a special officer in the British army. Rama’s sole purpose is to become a special officer and supply arms and weapons to local people so with help of that they can fight with the British empire and take revenge for Rama’s parent’s death. While searching Malli in Delhi Bheem and Rama meet and in a few months, they become friends like brothers. But this is not destiny wanted they both become thirsty for each other’s blood in completing their missions. But at last, they come together and fight with Scott and killed him. The RRR movie has more to discover do watch the movie.

5 Reasons why to watch RRR

  1. Full of actions, drama, and emotions – The RRR movie has a lot of actions and emotional scenes which will give you goosebumps.
  2. The best Background Music – The music and songs full of emotions and love.
  3. The Top-Notch Performance by all the Actors.
  4. Big Actors Performing collaboratively– Ajay Devgan, NTR, Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt, and More
  5. and Vfx is that everything you see is real.


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