Over the last few months, there has been a drought of good Bollywood movies. On the other side, the south movie industry is giving back-to-back hits. In this article on updatevilla, we have the list of Bollywood movies 2022 you must watch. This is the list of movies released to date, there are more extraordinary movies yet to come in the near future.

After the Covid, it is hard for filmmakers to get back the audience to the theatres as they are obsessed with the content on OTT platforms. The audience has become smarter and only watches selected scripts in theatres. There are a few movies released in 2022 that you can’t afford to miss.

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7 Must Watch Bollywood Movies of 2022

1. Kashmir Files

DirectorVivek Agnihotri
CastMithun Chakraborty, Anupam Kher Etc.
Release Date11 March 2022
IMDb Rating8.3/10
Kashmir Files Cast, Release Date, IMDb Rating

Kashmir Files is one of the movies which is around controversies for a long time but has a huge impact on the audience. The movie s based on real-life incidents that took place in Kashmir to remove Kashmiri pandits from their own place. The movie directed by Vivek Agnihotri is a must-watch movie for every Indian. This is one of the must-watch Bollywood movies beyond imagination.

The movie stars Anupam Kher, Mithun Chakroborty, and more. The movie represents the pain and struggle of Kashmiri Pandits living in Kashmir. Many big political leaders praised the movie to bring Kasmir’s History in eyes of the common people.

2. Gangubai Kathiawadi

Gangubai Kathiawadi
Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie Review, Cast and Release date
CastAlia Bhatt, Ajay Devgan
Release Date25 Feb 2022
IMDb Rating7/10
Gangubai Kathiawadi Cast, Release Date, IMDb Rating

The movie is based on the life of Ganga Jagjivandas Kathiawadi, famously known as Gangubai Kathiawadi. It is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali leaving all his trademarks in the movie whether it is the cinematography, songs, etc. The movie stars Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan as lead characters.

Gangubai Kathiawadi is a must-watch Bollywood movie for those who wanted to know the good works of Ganga. The movie portrays the efforts of Gangubai for women’s education and right. Alia Bhatt gave her best performance justifying why she is the best fit for the character.

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3. Sharma Ji namkeen

DirectorHitesh Bhatia
CastRishi Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Juhi Chawla
Release Date31st March 2022
IMDb Rating7.7/10
Sharmaji Namkeen Cast, Release Date, IMDb Rating

Sharmaji Namkeen is the last movie of the Indian legend Rishi Kapoor. Although he was not able to complete the movie, half of the movie is completed by Paresh Rawal. There is a drought of good family Bollywood movies this year. Sharma Ji Namkeen is a comedy-drama movie showcased the life of a man with his two adults kids after his wife died. The movie conveys the message to the present generation on how to take care of your parents. This is a must-watch Bollywood movie released in 2022 to watch with family.

4. Sherdil: The Pilibhit saga

DirectorSrijit Mukherjee
CastPankaj Tripathy
Release Date24th June 2022
IMDb Rating7/10
Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga Cast, Release Date, IMDb Rating

Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga is a recently released movie starring Pankaj Tripathy as the lead character. The plot of the movie is based on Gangaram(Pankaj Tripathy) the Sarpanch of a village near Tiger Reserve. In his Village, the crop is destroyed by wild animals and also people are killed by the wild animals. The village faces a food crisis and people started losing their lives. Gangaram and his village need Government support but there is no response from them.

Gangaram finds a scheme by the government that if a person is found to be killed by a tiger they will receive 10 lakh rupees. Gangaram decides to sacrifice his life for his village.

5. Rocketry: The Nambi effect

Release Date1st July 2022
IMDb Rating9/10
Rocketry The Nambi Effect Cast, Release Date, IMDb Rating

After Kashmir Files, Rocketry is one of the movies which has a huge impact on audiences. Rocketry movie is based on the real-life story of sir Nambi Narayanan a famous ISRO scientist. The movie depicts how fake allegations are made against Dr. Nambi Narayanan by a few corrupt officers. R.Madavan is playing the character of Nambi Narayanan and by this role, he proves why he is one of the best in the Industry. This is a very must-watch Bollywood movie released in 2022.

6. Darlings

DirectorJasmeet K Reen
CastAlia Bhatt, Vijay Varma
Release Date5th August 2022
IMDb Rating6.6/10
Darlings Cast, Release Date, IMDb Rating

Darlings is a recently released Netflix movie starring Alia Bhatt and Vijay Varma as lead characters. The movie received a lot of love from the audience because of the unique storyline and performance of the actors. The film breaks the record for the highest-watching of non-English movies on Netflix. The plot of the movie has a lot of intense drama scenes which makes the movie storyline more gripping.

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