Hollywood Science fiction movies are just beyond our imagination. These science fiction movies are so mind-boggling that you will start believing in these concepts. This is the list of 7 surprising futuristic Hollywood movies beyond imagination which you must watch.

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7 futuristic Hollywood movies beyond imagination

Edge of Tomorrow

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One of the best movies by Tom Cruise. The movie is known for its unique sci-fi, adventurous plot. In other words, you need some strong movies knowledge to get the plot of the movie. The alien’s society has hit the earth in a tenacious attack. William Cage(Cruise) is an official who has never face a day of battle. When he casually dropped into what adds up to a self-destruction mission.

Cage was killed in no time, But Cage founds himself in the mysterious period of cycle driving him to experience a similar battle again and again. This is one of the best futuristic Hollywood movies beyond imagination.

After Earth

Do you ever think humankind has vanished from earth? And after 1000 years you accidentally landed on earth and what you find. This Hollywood movie is the perfect showcase of the scenario. In addition, the movie has great execution of the storyline which definitely drives you to different modes.

The movie shows a 13-year-old child, Kitai. Kitai is a brave child and just wanted to be a warrior like his dad. He gets his opportunity when they crash-landed on perilous earth.


Interstellar is directed by Christopher Nolan and should be awarded the best sci-fi movie of the last decade. Earth’s future has been confounded by crimes, starvation, and more. The only way for the existence of humankind is an interstellar journey. A newfound wormhole in the furthest reaches of our nearby planetary group permits a group of space travelers to go where no man has gone previously, a planet that may have the right climate to support human existence.

This is one of the movies you must watch if you love futuristic Hollywood movies beyond imagination. In conclusion, you must be looking for an explanation after watching the movie.

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Undoubtedly, another great sci-fi movie starring Tom Cruise. He is one of the best fits for these sci-fi movies. The story showcase that few excess robot repairmen appointed to Earth, its surface crushed following quite a while of battle with the outsider Scavs, finds a smashed space apparatus with the substance that brings into question all that he accepted about the conflict, and may even place the destiny of humankind in his grasp.


This film is actually exceptional! In light of the trailer, you may expect some sort of blood and gore film with science fiction components, yet that is not exactly what we get. All things considered, the film is significantly more of a SciFi/suspenseful thrill ride, where the story is quite layered: at face esteem, we have the fundamental story with the outsider and the shine, at a more profound level.

Due to how layered and first-rate the film was, it’s agreeable for some reasons: it’s a visual treat, an extraordinary interpretation of outsider intrusion, imaginative conditions, and animals, just as significant and interesting with a consummation that is very confounding!

Planet of the apes

Planet of Apes is sci-fi movie series based on books and comics. The story showcase how apes have ruled in human life. Taylor and two different space travelers emerge from profound hibernation to find that their boat has smashed. Getting away with minimal more than garments they find that they have arrived on a planet where men are pre-lingual and ignoble while chimps have learned discourse and innovation.

Taylor is caught and taken to the city of the chimps in the wake of harming his throat so he is quiet and can’t speak with the primates. The movie series is interesting to watch and should be considered futuristic Hollywood movies beyond imagination.


Another mind-boggling movie directed by Christopher Nolan. This is one of the best futuristic Hollywood movies beyond imagination which you can’t afford to miss. Tenet is simply an incredible movie with complex concepts to understand. It is a fast-paced movie so you need to concentrate to understand the plot. Nolan never fails to direct this type of fabulous movie so do watch the movie without any spoiler.


The above-mentioned movie is some of the best futuristic Hollywood movies beyond imagination you must watch. However, before watching any of the movies watch the trailer first. Do let us know which movies we should add to the list. In addition, for more details of movies visit IMDb.


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