8 Hollywood Movies beyond imagination

The Best hollyWood Movie Beyond imagination
The Best Hollywood movies beyond your imagination which you should must watch.

There is a number of movies released all around the world every year. Some movies are unique and have a totally different concept that is beyond your imagination. This is the list of Hollywood movies that are beyond imagination just because of their concept, filmography, and actions.

Are you a person who wants to watch movies? but don’t want to spoil your time watching a random typical movie then you are in the correct place. Watch these movies you will never regret after watching.

7 Best Hollywood Movies Beyond Your Imagination

Schindlers List

imdb – 8.9/10
genre – war/drama

Schindlers List movie is based on a non-fiction novel and the movie is directed and produced by Steven Spielberg. The movie basically shows the war situation in world war II. The film is total black and white people will hardly find any colorful scenes.

The idea is to represent the world war II situation. The film follows a german industrialist who together with his wife rescuing people who were forcefully employed in factories during the war.

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The Life in our Planet

imdb – 9/10
genre – Documentary

The Life in our Planet is a Documentary released in 2020 which you can watch on the OTT platform Netflix. This is a perfect movie for nature lovers and also for those who need to learn about the environment and nature.

This documentary shows how humans have changed the world and what is the impact of human civilization. People who have a keen interest in knowing the future of our planet must watch this movie.

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The Secret Life Walter Mitty

imdb – 7.3/10
genre – Adventure,Comedy, Drama

Tired from your daily day-to-day job and looking to do some adventure so this movie represents your condition. The movie has lots of flaws but that can be neglected. A must-watch movie for dreamers and adventurous people.

The dream to discover the world is the best one, Walter in the movie is able to do that so what do you think can you? Watch the movie and have fun. You can watch the movie prime videos.

Money Monster

imdb – 6.5/10
genre – crime, drama, mystery

Money Monster is one of the movies in which people can relate themselves. In modern life, it does not take much time to influence by others. It’s good to learn from people around you but believing blindly in them takes you to a huge loss.

The aim is the movie to show how an investor is influenced and invests all his money and he lost all his money and after that the crime takes place. A good movie for youngsters.

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IMDb – 6/10
genre – drama, horror, mystery

The circle is a mystery, a horror movie which you can watch on Netflix. This is one of the unique movies people should definitely watch. The circle is a film about humanity how we value people around us and how people react when they are forced to make decisions in the worst situations.

The movie is based upon the story 50 strangers are kept in a chamber where every two minutes one has to die. So the movie becomes interesting when they started voting that who will gonna die next.

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Guns Akimbo

IMDb – 6.3/10
genre – Action, Comedy, Thriller

Are you a fan of Daniel Redcliffe, yes, of course, you have watched Harry Potter? So the Guns Akimbo movie is a complete action movie but before watching the movie I would suggest don’t look to find any logic behind any scenes.

Online game lovers can watch this movie, have you remembered the Move Ra-One this is something similar to that. The movie has much more interesting parts as two huge pistols have been bolted in his hands and many more. Watch and have fun.

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imdb – 6.4/10
genre – Crime , drama, thriller

Compliance movie is inspired by true-life events. The movies show such scenes which you can’t imagine in your normal life but when you come to know this is from true incidents you will be shocked.

Thus this movie is inspired by true events, so would not like to give any spoilers. If you love to watch crime thriller movies this can be a good one for you.


The above-listed movies are some extraordinary movies, before watching any movie know the positives and negatives of the movie helps the viewer to find the movie which suits them. Hope the movie lists help you to find the type of movie you are looking for.

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