The global pandemic has changed and affected the whole world film Industry. However, industries managed to provide some quality content through the internet. OTT platforms are one of the most loved streaming platforms at the present time and providing some extraordinary content. Although this is a tough task for moviegoers. So, to make your day wonderful we inform you of the 25 Best Hollywood Movies Beyond Imagination you must watch.

Whether you are a fan of Action, love, suspense, and sci-fi there’s definitely a movie for you in this wonderful world. I do have a resource for animated movie lovers, read the article 17+ animated movies worth watching.

9 Best Hollywood Movies Beyond Imagination

1.The corpse of Anna fritze

IMDb Rating – 6/10
Genre – Action, Thriller
Availability – Amazon Prime

The Corpse of Anna Fritze movie portrays the story of three young men sneak into the body of a dead Actress(Anna). With the information on Anna’s demise fanning out quickly, fans and supporters from around Spain.

They are fascinated and attempt one of the horrible things they can do. The movie becomes more interesting when the dead actress gets alive.

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2.Mortal Engines

IMDb Rating – 6.1
Genre – Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Availability – Amazon Prime

This is one of the must-watch movies from the list of Hollywood Movies Beyond Imagination. Imagine a city is on wheels, this is so fascinating to watch. If you love to watch sci-fi and adventure movies then this is the perfect fit for you. The problem arises when the city on wheels disturbing other places.

3.The man without Gravity

IMDb Rating – 6.3/10
Genre – Drama, Sci-fi
Availability – Netflix

The man without gravity is a Netflix Sci-fi movie. Imagine a person who doesn’t obey the rule of gravity. This is so interesting, he is floating in the air on earth. This is one of the best Hollywood Movies Beyond Imagination. The family decides to keep it a secret not informing the world for many years.

Do watch the movie, I don’t wanna give the spoiler here. In addition, this is the best choice for sci-fi movie lovers.

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4.Valerian and the City of thousand planet

IMDb Rating – 6.5
Genre – Sci-fi, Action, Adventure
Availability – Amazon Prime

People who love to watch science fiction movies will definitely love this. Though the storyline is a little bit weak the cinematography covers all the cons. The movie is full of curiosity and adventure it reflects a city where people from different planets live together and exchanging their knowledge. The Indian fans can also watch this best Hollywood movie in Hindi dubbed.

The moviemakers really tried hard to impress the audience, similarly in all science fiction movies.

5.The Perfume Story Of Murder

IMDb Rating – 6.5
Genre – Sci-fi, Action, Adventure
Availability – Amazon Prime

This movie is a complete masterpiece with a unique story which makes this movie one of the best Hollywood Movies Beyond Imagination. The movie has great cinematography which will make never feel you dull. The story behind the movie is of a psycho killer who kills women to make perfume from their skin.

This is full of thrill and endless suspense which makes it more interesting. The movie is available on Amazon Prime. There are many reasons to watch this movie, Above all, the unique story attracts me the most.


IMDb Rating – 6.5
Genre – Sci-fi, Drama, Thriller
Availability – Amazon Prime

This is probably the best science fiction movie that shows the level of artificial intelligence. The concept of artificial engineering used in movies is so fascinating and interesting to watch. Do you ever wonder what will happen if a robot acquires all the functionalities of a human being? you must watch the movie to go further.

Ex-Machina movie never fails to disappoint anytime if you are the lover of science fiction movies. In other words, you must watch the movie.
Read the full story on IMDb.

7.Books of Blood

IMDb Rating – 5.5
Genre – Sci-fi, Action, Adventure
Availability – Not Available on the OTT platform

Warning, this movie is completely not for soft-hearted people. This movie is intense, full of suspense, and at end of the movie, you will see something unique and interesting. Books of Blood is a horror, mystery, and drama film. The movie is not similar to other horror movies it is something different and worth watching.

You can read the complete story and review it on IMDb.


IMDb Rating – 6.8
Genre – Sci-fi, Action, Adventure
Availability – Netflix/Amazon Prime

An annihilation Movie is a complete mixture of action, drama, mystery, and suspense. From the trailer, You might get that this is a horror film with the topping of science fiction. But Annihilation is from one of the best Hollywood Movies Beyond Imagination you ever watched.

It may happen you need to find the explanatory video on youtube for the ending part of the movie. Apart from that movie has great action scenes which make it more interesting.


IMDb Rating – 6.9
Genre – Sci-fi, Drama, Thriller
Availability – Not available on the OTT platform

Primer is the story of two engineers who accidentally find themselves on the innovation of time machine. When two engineers working on their error-checking machine project, they thought they get the formula of a time machine. This movie is a great example of someone who loves to watch time-traveling movies.

Read the complete review on IMDb.


The above mentioned are the list of Hollywood Movies Beyond Imagination. Do consider watching the trailer before watching any of the movies. Do let me know the movie should be on this list in the comment box. I tried my best to make the article spoiler-free, hope you enjoyed it. In addition, do let me know which was your favorite on the above list.


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