2022 is one of the years Akshay Kumar will wish to remove the year from the calendar. In the previous year, all his movies did not impress the audience as well as critics. He was criticized for choosing the wrong script, working on remakes, and not performing well in movies like Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Apart from all these, a major portion of his fans is upset for refusing to work in Hera Pheri 3. At the very start of the year now he opted out of another movie for which fans are eagerly waiting.

Based on media sources, Akshay Kumar has opted out or refused to work in the movie ‘Gorkha’. Aanand L. Rai is the producer of the movie, he also stated to the media the film is on hold due to some factual concerns/issues. In October 2021, Akshay Kumar announced he will be working on the movie, and also few posters were shared on social media. However, from its announcement date, there is no information related to the film revealed, and nothing on social media too.

Based on media reports, Akshay Kumar has the responsibility to appear in the intense role of 1971 war hero Major General IAN Cardozzi in the film. IAN Cardozzi belongs to Indian Army Gorkha Regiment. It is said that during the 171 war, Cardozzi stepped in a landmine, due to which his leg was critically injured. Due to the absence of medics, he amputated his own leg with the weapon known as Khukri. He was popularly known as Cartoos Sahib by his Gorkha regiment.

According to the sources, there is a rumor saying that Akshay Kumar backed out from the movie after questions were raised about the credibility and authenticity of the film’s story. A few members who are part of the unit and fought with Major Cardozzi have questioned some of the movie scenes or series of events.

From past history, everyone knows Akshay Kumar respects Indian Army a lot. Many times he has been seen publicly expressing his respect towards army officials and regularly participating in events with army officials. This is one of the important reasons seems to back out from the movie as he doesn’t want to be part of any such projects where there is any kind of doubt.


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