Anek, Bollywood new movie starring Ayushmann Khurrana as lead cast. The movie is based on the people of North-East India and their recognition in the country. The movie trailer seems too interesting and the plot looks like it will cast the story of forgotten North East India. Over the past few years, the Northeast has remained vanished in Bollywood movies over many years.

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There are many expectations from the movie as it is based on a very serious issue. Apart from that, the fans of Ayushmannn Khurrana have always believed in him as he has always been in the outstanding movie. But this time the movie is on a swing to win the audience’s heart. The reviews of Anek Movie are not as expected and it is on the road of Kangana Ranaut Movie Dhakkad’.

Anek Movie Story

DirectorAnubhav Sinha
CastAyushmann Khurrana and more
Release Date27th May 2022
IMDb Rating7.7/10 till date
Anek Movie Director, Cast, and Release Date

Anek is a profoundly political film that inquires as to why individuals of specific pieces of the nation need to over and over demonstrate their affection and worth for the nation, and reverberations the well-established doubt that a segment of the Northeast public has for Delhi. “Are we pursuing firearms and overlooking the shoulders that are being utilized?” ponders the ethically questionable hero.

Anek Movie Trailer Review

Anek Movie Review

Anek, the movie whose trailer gives a lot of hopes that this time Bollywood will outcast the story of the struggles of northeast India. There are many loopholes and inconsistencies in the direction of the movie. It seems many scenes are combined without any references. Ayushmann looks quite good, but because of the execution and storyline, he seems dull. Ayushman Khurrana with his curved muscles and beard looks so intriguing but the story does not have much out of it. Moreover, the movie has some good dialogue and an awesome cast to watch.


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