Best Free Websites For Campus placements

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Best Free websites where you can prepare for college recruitment process.

Many students are unaware of the fact that there are so many free resources/websites for campus placements. The College campus or college recruitment process gives the student the golden opportunity to grab their dream job. But this is not easy you have to stand alone to prepare for the competition.

Both On-campus and off-campus gives the opportunity to students for the placements but the only requirement is you have to be ready to clear all the examination. This is a tough task to do because you have to pass different rounds.

There are three common rounds for every company, the following are –
1 – Written Round(Consist of Aptitude, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning, Technical Paper)
2 – Group Discussion
3 – Interview/HR round

If you are looking for a complete guide on how to prepare for campus placements or how to prepare for Interviews round, Looking for some serious tips and tricks read this article – Read Here.

1. IndiaBix

Screenshot from the website IndiaBix

indiabix is one of the well-known websites where you can practice aptitude, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning. indiabix also provides preparation for general knowledge. It is an all-round preparation website where you can find almost everything.

For example – Technical papers preparation, interview preparation and many more. Mock test are available for free.

Pros – You can find almost everything which you need to prepare for campus placements.
cons – The level of questions, in the beginning, are easy and similar types of questions.

2 – Faceprep

ScreenShot From the Website

Faceprep is another famous website which provides lots of resources for free. Faceprep does not provide lots of content but the materials available on the websites are much enough for practice. You can have previous company questions, practice coding, free webinars, and many more.

Pros – You can also prepare for exams like Amcat, CoCubes. Free access to mock tests.
Cons – This is not like Indiabix Where you will find everything.

3 – Lofoya

ScreenShot from the website

Lofoya is a dedicated website where you can prepare for Aptitude and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. This website also provides preparation for general knowledge.

This is also the best websites who are preparing for competitive/government exams.
Pros – The level of questions is high and you can also prepare for competitive exams.
Cons – The number of questions is less but enough for campus placements.

4 – elprocus

Screenshot from the website is the dedicated website for EEE/ECE/I&E branch students where you can prepare for technical papers. It is also helpful for project development. The websites consist of a large number of contents you can easily find what you looking for.

Pros – You can find branch-related content.
Cons – Only dedicated to several branches.


There are many paid websites where you can pay money and prepare for your campus placements but if you are looking for free resources and want to dedicate some time for the preparation then the above-mentioned websites will definitely help you.


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