WINTER SEASON, the pinnacle of a year going to end and a new to start. And what better way can we welcome the new year other than winter. The season which everyone waits for indicates a new start and revised resolutions. A season that brings all of your family together to enjoy. The “season of love” or else we can say the coming more closer to your loved one. The best season for the holidays. And this very article holds all the places and destinations for your winter.

Some commonly asked questions are, What are the best things about winter? So here it is:

  • THE SMELL – At the end part of October and early part of November you can feel the smell of the winter coming. Its lively smell makes you more alive than any other season as it activates all parts of our body making us enjoy the weather. The smell is like a little pinch of peppermint and eucalyptus.
  • THE FOG IN THE WINTER MORNING – The fog in the morning makes everyone understand that there is more to life than they see. As when the fog appears everything becomes slightly blurred. This foggy weather is real fun for the elders in the family as they like to do morning walk and enjoy the weather.
  • THE SNOW – The main attraction of winters is the snow as, until it’s snowing, it doesn’t feel like actual winter hitting. The snow is something which everyone in winters wants to enjoy and travel to different places so that they can enjoy it. Everyone does snow fights and different kinds of games on snow making it the favorite season to enjoy.
  • THE EARLY SUNSET AND LATE NIGHTS – The early sunset in winter is a cherry on top as everyone gets to enjoy it and make a memory out of it. The late nights let everyone spend more time with family or friends and again make more memories.
  • THE LATE SUNRISE – The late sunrise is always a blessing for most people as in winters the sleep cycle just changes drastically and makes everyone lazier than ever. This also helps travel enthusiasts to see the sunrise more often.

All this sums up to some lines said by EDITH SITWELL

Winter is the time for comfort, good food, and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand, and for the talk beside a fire: It is time for home.


This is the list of the best places in India for enjoying the winter holidays.



MANALI, the city which is a gift provided by the mighty Himalayas for all the travelers around India. It is otherwise known as the Resort Town of the Northern part of India. Manali is situated in Kullu Valley’s northern end in Himachal Pradesh on the banks of Beas River Valley. The Manali temperature varies from 3 degrees to -10 degrees. The best time to visit Manali is around November to January.

Manali tourism
hotel locations in manali are really blissfull

Many people ask what are the best things to do in MANALI? And the answer to this cannot be described in a word, as there are numerous things to do and dreams of people which Manali fulfills such as :

  • Here you will get to see a modern town but engraved with its rich age-old traditions and cultural heritage. It is a heaven for all travel enthusiasts and adventurers for its peace and tourist spots.
  • This place has hotels and resorts with an open valley view and also the view of terraced mountains. And is filled throughout the winter from October to February.
  • Due to the rushing, Glacial waters down from Rohtang Pass to the River Beas, it opens up for many water activities like rowing, water rafting, and river crossing.
  • Manali has beautiful points to enjoy sunrise and sunset starting from hilltops to riverbanks.
  • You can buy all kinds of things from the Old Manali market, Manu market, Tibetian market, mall road.

There are also many activities to enjoy in Manali like : Paragliding, Rock-climbing, Koshla tree-line trekking and also rafting,river crossing.

Manali places
Top places of Manali to vist and enjoy

Places to visit near Manali : Old manali, Chandrakhani Pass, Hadimba Temple, Rohtang Pass.

Manali Hotels Cost in winter : average 2500/- to 3500/-

kullu Manali Tour Packge : Starts from 5000/-


Dalhousie, The Mini Switzerland of India is itself a treat to the eyes. There is a reason why it is called the Mini Switzerland of India. Because no place’s beauty can be defined in one single word here and consists of the best hill stations available in India. It is situated in the District of Chamba in Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 2000 meters. It covers 5 hills namely Balun, Bakrota, Tehra, Patryen, and catalog.

Dalhousie hill top
Hill top view of whole Dalhousie

This place Dalhousie is famous for its pleasant climate and peaceful atmosphere. Dalhousie in winters is beautiful and the temperature drops down to the freezing point. The best time for visiting Dalhousie is in the Summers between April to June. It’s also one of the best places for a honeymoon.

The best things to do in Dalhousie :

  • Picnic beside the pine trees in Khajjiar which has a mesmerizing view and the best sightseeing places.
  • Boating in Glistening Chamera Lake.
  • trek to all the 5 hill stations available.
  • shopping at the Tibetian Market.
  • Hike onto Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary.
Dalhousie pine tree ground
Kalatop place of Dalhousie

The best places to stay in Dalhousie are mostly near Chamera Lake and Sach pass where you can enjoy the true nature. And last but not least are the wood-made cottages near Khajjiar. These places are completely safe to travel to and the most beautiful in January. Dalhousie Tourism has maintained the place with their heart and mind, therefore making it worth visiting.

The average Dalhousie Hotel prices are between 2500/- to 10,000/- .


Auli a city situated 2800ft above the ground is a treat for Indian ski lovers as this is the key destination for skiing and other activities. Uttarakhand’s great treasure Auli is famous for its ski resorts and other natural vistas. The most asked question about Auli is, which is the best time to visit Auli? So mostly people visit Auli in January or February because in this month the snow remains stable. But sometime around the end of December, the snowfall increases rapidly leading to a very big layer of snow. The average Auli temperature in winter is 5 degrees to -4 degrees and it is the best weather.

AULI uttarakhand
snowboarding area in Auli

Auli hotels
Hotels in Auli uttarakhand
The Best tourist destinations of Auli :
  • It also has a very good lake known as JOSHIMATH which is man-made.
The Best things to enjoy in Auli :

The best things are skiing through the snowy peaks of Himalaya, and the oak fringed slopes, and also the coniferous forests. Some other things to do in Auli are camping, trekking cable car ride.

Cost of Skiing – 500/- per person and 1000/- for personal instructor.

Cost of Hotels in Auli – at least 1600/- per night

How to Reach Auli – Reaching Rishikesh via bus or train and then cab to Joshimath or nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport.

TOUR PACKAGES FOR AULI UTTARAKHAND – Minimum (12000/-) with skiing and maximum (30000/-) including all of the activities.


Changu lake in winters
view of changu lake in Gangtok which is one of the clearest lake in india

Gangtok, the go-to destination for every traveler in India and mainly in the winters. This is the perfect place for a long vacation with family and friends. It is so because of the tourist locations and also the unique feel of the different traditions and practices. Some key places to visit in the town are the Rumtek Monastery, Tashi viewpoint, The Lal Market, and many more. These are the places that show us the tradition they carry.

Wherever you go in Gangtok, you will feel the presence of Stupas and Monastery. The Gangtok weather in winter(December to January) varies between 2 degrees to 8 degrees but some of the neighboring places go have temperature in minus. This place holds numerous activities to do such as :

  • White water Rafting in the Teesta River.
  • trekking on the Himalayan mountains in snow.
  • Visiting all the 20th century Buddhist Monastery.
  • Visiting the lake covered on a snow bed. The view is unimaginable.
Gangtok ropeway
Gangtok tourism sets ropeway through the city

The best tourist places to visit near Gangtok: Lahchung and Lehchung, Zero point, Nathula pass, Changu lake, Baba Harbhajan Temple, Seven sister falls, Tashi viewpoint, and many more.

The tour packages for Gangtok and neighboring places are under 20,000/-. This contains a minimum of 5 days of the tour and including all the activities and stay. The hotels here are very cost-effective.


Rann of Kutch utsav
tents in Rann of Kutch utsav

In most of places, the India-Pakistan border is the worst place to visit. No matter how beautiful the place is, people are least interested in visiting those. But there are some places in India situated at the India-Pakistan border which are fully packed throughout the year because of their beauty and mainly for security. This place holds a big wide land of Salt Marshes. This is one of the main places in the west from where The Tropic Of Cancer passes.

It’s none other than “THE RANN OF KUTCH”. This place was formed because of a massive earthquake before which it was a part of the sea. Every year most part of the Rann of Kutch submerges into the sea during the monsoon, which is why winter is the best time to visit this place. Many rivers such as Luni, Bhuki, Bharud, Nara, etc. passes through the Rann of Kutch. Rann of Kutch’s weather is hot during summers up to 50 degrees but in winter it can drop down under freezing point.

Every year this place organizes the main event known as the Rann of Kutch Utsav or Festival. At this time of the year, this place is filled with visitors who booked the tents (for booking click here) before 3-4 months. This Utsav has all kinds of activities starting from paragliding to art craft showcase and also safari of the whole place.

Rann of Kutch culture and white sand
Rann of Kutch culture and white sand
Rann of Kutch Festival
Runn of Kutch Festival with safari and all kinds of Facilities and activities

Things to do in Rann of Kutch :

  • watch and enjoy the Kutch culture through their art craft village tour.
  • Enjoy a camel ride on the Mandvi beach.
  • trek to the highest region in the Kutch region, Kala Dungar.

Places to Visit in Rann of Kutch:

  • Kutch wildlife sanctuary
  • Kala Dungar
  • Kutch white salt Desert
  • Kutch museum
  • Prag Mahal and Aina Mahal


Jaisalmer fort
City of Jaisalmer with the JJaisalmer fort on the top

The guard of the western Rajasthan, also known as the “GOLDEN CITY OF INDIA” Jaisalmer has always been a treat for all the travelers in the winter. It is said so because of its environment and ambiance of the city which makes it special in winters. This city is situated on the border of India and Pakistan and also close to the renowned Thar desert. The weather of Jaisalmer during winters is around 26 degrees to 9 degrees.

Activities to do in Jaisalmer:

There are no. activities that this place offers such as:-Jeep safari in the City, Royal safari inside the palace in Jaisalmer, Jeep safari through the desert, Boating in Gadisar lake, Camel safari, Staying at Desert camps. These desert camps cost around 4000/- to 8000/- per night and the camel safari price is around 1250/- per person.

Best Places to visit in Jaisalmer:

  5. DESERT NATIONAL PARK and many more.
Jaisalmer safari
Jaisalmer safari in the desert with tents to live and camel to ride

Jaisalmer Hotels are all structured in the shape of the huge royal palace and never fails to treat the visitors with complete satisfaction and gratitude. These Jaisalmer Hotels prices are in the range of 2000/- to 10000/- per night.


When someone thinks about Uttarakhand, there are only 2 places that come to everyone’s mind. One of them and is obviously Dehradun (the capital of Uttarakhand) and another is none other than Nainital (the judicial capital of Uttarakhand). This place is not famous for its views and scenery but also for the history it carries with it. For a long time, Nainital has been known as the summer capital of the united provinces. whenever in the year people get the time they try to visit Nainital because of its splendid places and beautiful feeling of the mountains. Nainital weather is very pleasant for travelers throughout the year. It ranges from 26 degrees to -5 degrees.

The other and the most famous name given to this city is “The lake city of India”. It is called so because it is a district situated between 3 mountains and surrounded by a lake which gives you a heavenly feeling. This place is covered by very few known hill stations and many Lake Resorts as travel is the main source of income in this region. One of the most famous spots in Nainital is the Tiffin top which is a very hard place to reach and not everyone completes the trek.

Nainital ropeway experience shows you the whole city from top
Tiffin top view of Nainital
whole view of Nanital from Tiffin top

Best places to visit in Nainital:

Nainital Ropeway which has its own significance as people can watch the whole town with the lake from up there. The Nainital Lake which is the main attraction of the place, Tiffin Top (this place too is hard to get to), Snow viewpoint, Naina peak, Eco cave Garden, High altitude zoo, and many more.

The Hotel Prices in Nainital ranges from 2000/- to 16000/-.


Diu, the island which is most famous for its exotic ambiance for the tourists and attracts tourists from different countries. Its serene beauty cannot be described in words. That island has a beautiful beach or we can say a magical beach of pleasure with all kinds of serene activities to enjoy. This beach is one of the best for beach holidays and tours mainly for couples. And it’s also one of the best destinations for a Honeymoon. The Nagoa Beach temperature in winter varies from 15 degrees to 10 degrees.

Nagoa beach, Diu
Nagoa beach view with a attraction in it
  • This palm-fringed beach is one of the best for Sun Bathing.
  • Water sports.
  • Camel or Pony ride.
  • a gorgeous blue water view, which is best and safe for swimming.

Nagoa Beach Hotel prices (click this for the cheapest hotel equiries) : The average prices starts from 2000/- to 6000/-

Nagoa beach water sports costs around 200/- to 1000/-


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