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Invented in 2008 by an unknown person or group as a form of cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto was a name used as the inventor and it started in 2009. The initial release of Bitcoin was made on 9 January 2009,12 years ago. The development status of It is still active. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that is sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network. That too without a need for a mediator or intermediaries. There are 2.9 million to 5.8 million unique users using a cryptocurrency wallet and most of them using Bitcoins.

History of cryptocurrency

But there is a dark side to this medium of currency. It has been criticized for its use in illegal transactions, the large amount of electricity used by miners, price volatility, and thefts from exchanges. The Nobel laureates characterized It as speculative bubbles at various times.

Creation of Bitcoin

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
Satoshi Nakamoto

The domain name “’ was registered on 18 August 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. At it was posted to a cryptocurrency mailing list. And Nakamoto’s identity remains unknown. The Genesis Block is the block of chain that was mined by Nakamoto initially. Programmer Laszlo Hanyez bought two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin. This was the first known commercial transactions. After the proved transaction it was found that the first major users of It were the black market. Silk road accepted a Bitcoin payment of 9.9 million which was worth about $214 million dollars.

Anarchism and Libertarianism

Application of Bitcoin

The libertarians and anarchists were attracted to this idea. It was believed everyone who got involved and attracted to this idea for very philosophical reasons. It was seen as a great idea as a way to separate money from the state. The economist described it as a techno-anarchist project to create an online version of cash, a way for the possibility of interference from malicious government or banks. Economist Paul Krugman has described that every cryptocurrency like It is something of a cult and is based on paranoid fantasies of government power.

According to David Golumbia says that ideas of influencing Bitcoin advocates emerge from the right-wing extremist movement. Google trends in 2014’s study found correlations between Bitcoin-related searches and related to computer programming and illegal activities but not with libertarianism or anarchism or investment topics.


Bitcoin in USD

A store of value, a medium of exchange and a unit of account are three purposes that money serves as per the economists. According to them, It functions as the best medium of exchange. But according to them, cryptocurrency meets none of the above mentioned three criteria. For this around 2.9 million and 5.8 million unique users using a cryptocurrency wallet in 2011.

The exact number of Bitcoin wallets with more than $1 million worth of Bitcoin. The exact number of Bitcoin millionaires is uncertain as a single person can have one or more Bitcoin wallets. In September 2019  the central bank of Venezuela ran a test to determine if It could be held in the central bank’s reserves.


The criticisms that ponder Bitcoin is lack of stability in Bitcoin’s price, the high energy consumption, high and variable transaction costs, the poor security and fraud at the cryptocurrency exchanges, vulnerability to debasement, and the influence of miners 

Warren Buffett on cryptocurrency
Warren Buffett

Paul Krugman expressed Bitcoin as ” a bubble wrapped in techno-mysticism inside a cocoon of libertarian ideology”. Professor Nouriel Roubini of New York University has called it as” mother of all bubbles”. Warren Buffett called Bitcoin a “mirage”. According to BBC’s report, It consumes about 7 gigawatts. 0.2% of the global total or equivalent to that of Switzerland.

For lowering cost the miner has set up in places like Iceland where geothermal energy is cheap and cooling Arctic air is free. The University of Cambridge described how China had the most of the Bitcoin mining as electricity is subsidized by the Government.

Currency as Software

The high's and low's for Bitcoin

With transaction verification engine and connections to the Bitcoin network is known as a full node. The cryptocurrency wallet also can be used to transfer funds that also included as default. The Bitcoin core includes a scripting language inspired by forth that can define transactions and specify parameters. Script pub key is used to “lock” transactions based on a set of future conditions operations on the data are performed by used-main and alt. 

Looping is forbidden. Bitcoin core uses open-time stamps to timestamp merge commits. Wladimir J. van der Lan took over the role of the lead developer on 8 April 2014. Gavin Andersen was the former lead maintainer for the software client. Bitcoin core in 2015 was central to a dispute with Bitcoin X1. A competing client that sought to increase different companies and Industry groups fund the development of Bitcoin core.

Block chain for Bitcoin


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