Amazon prime videos have announced the release of Breathe Season 2 named as Breathe Into the Shadows, the people followed the first season will be eagerly waiting for this thriller based web series. In season 2 we all can see the debut of Abhishek Bachchan in digital platforms through the web series.

The teaser has already launched by amazon prime videos and the release date of Breathe Into The Shadows is 10th July 2020. Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya Menon will be doing the lead role as observed from the teaser. In season 1 we have seen R.Madhavan but from the teaser, we can’t see him it may possibly the story doesn’t have the appearance of him.

Breathe Into the Shadows teaser has a great mystery and thrill because in season 1 Amit Sadh has been playing an opposite character but in the season he has been in prison so it is my prediction that the story may contain the past history of Amit Sadh.

It can be said that the plot of both the web series is almost same in breathe Season 1 shows how R.Madhavan a father can do anything to save his child, how you can cross any limits to save your family and the same can be in the teaser that Abhishek Bachchan is talking about Siya missing.

Teaser Review

The teaser shows the extra bit of suspense which is almost enough to attract everyone and this is good news who has watched the Breathe Season 1. Amit Sadh will be playing a very crucial role as shown in the teaser. Breathe into the shadows the Abhishek Bachchan web series the debut of Abhishek Bachchan so it’s great suspense how he has given his performance to the extraordinary web series.

Breathe Season 1 Review/Summary

Trailer Season 1

In breath season 1 you can R.madhavan playing a lead character and Amit Sadh playing the role of a cop. The web series shows how R.Madhavan being a father can do anything to save his child’s life who is suffering from the disease. How a father kills so many people being a common man and how Amit Sadh invested the case. if you haven’t watched the season do watch it.

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