College Campus/Placement/Recruitment all refers to the same thing. College campus is one of the important aspects of student life to build a successful career irrespective of the education you are pursuing. Final year students must be worried about their placements in better companies.

Although this time the situation is different from every year the global pandemic COVID’19 has a huge impact on the corporate sector. The students should be aware of the fact that the competition has been doubled so you have to put all your efforts and whatever it takes to win the battle.

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What is College Campus?

when you persuing any high degree-based education such as undergraduate or post-graduation from any college, during the last year of year studies college will come with few companies who will recruit you for the job. The college invites the best possible companies to recruit from their students.

This recruitment process is also beneficial for companies and colleges. Students who admired to get a job in campus placements they have to stand in the various aspects that fulfill the company requirements.

Types of college campus/Recruitment

  • On-Campus
  • Off-Campus

On-Campus – Companies that come to the college where you are studying and you can take part in the recruitment process.
Off-Campus – Companies that come to other colleges for recruitment and you can pay the number of fees and can participate in the registration process.

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The procedure for Campus Placement

Different colleges/companies follow a different approach to conducting the campus placement program. Here are the common approaches by the companies to conduct college campuses drive.

1.Written Round
Written round is mainly to check your command in general knowledge and your core subjects. The written round is almost conducted by all the companies. This written round mainly consists of General Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The paper also consists of questions from your core subjects.

2.Group Discussions
This is the second round where the selected students will appear for group discussion where they have to speak on a certain topic. This requires good communication skills to cross the line.

In the last round, you have to give an interview with the company. Where different questions based on logical ability should be asked from you, it may possible you get some task to do. For example, if you are a computer science student you will be given a task to write code.

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How To prepare for Campus placements

Cracking the campus placement is not like cracking the JEE exam or Gate Exam you need little focus on certain areas and you will be recruited. So the students planning for the preparation of campus placements apply the following tips –

1. The most important is the 1st step practicing Aptitude and reasoning –
You don’t need to be an expert in these as you are not preparing for a government paper Like SSC, So what you can do Buy an aptitude and reasoning books Select the important topics and on a daily basis solve 25 questions, still you are facing issues take help from the youtube. This is the best possible thing you can do so start today. There are many websites that can help you with the preparation of aptitude and reasoning.

Best Websites to practice Aptitude and Reasoning

1. indiabix.com
2. Testpot.com

2. Coding
Coding is a must for students wanting to build careers in the IT industry. Coding doesn’t refers you need to be a master in coding languages but you should know how to solve college-level-based problems. The best way to do this pick up a language that is comfortable for you, or which is in high demand for example JAVA. Start from the basics of Java algorithms and reach to the medium level and solve up to 50 college-level problems. You can learn programming by applying in the MOOCs.
And for non-IT students, they can go for their respective branch-related software for example Matlab, AutoCAD, etc.

Best Websites to Learn Coding

1. Udemy
2. Coursera
3. edX
4. CodeAcademy

3. Group Discussion
This is one the toughest part if you have stage fear or you lack in public speaking. You have to do more practice to this, start reading articles, work on your vocabulary starts public speaking or you can different ways to become an expert I these go through some youtube videos they can teach you many things. It’s all up to you how much you put effort to learn these skills.

4. HR
The final round, after you cleared every round this is the last one but the toughest one. This round is something you are giving personal interviews where you need to be calm and present yourself as best as you can. The company wanted to know your character and skills. The best thing you can do, to be honest with the interviewer and show your skills what you have learned. If you work on the above rounds you will easily clear this round. Build some projects which you can show during your interview. Make the project by yourself.

Do’s And Don’t Before Your College Campus

1. Know All Your Stuff Before appearing for an interview.
2. Practice yourself and be confident.
3. Brush Up your Technical and General Knowledge.
4. Keep your things in order.
5. Do some research for the company you are appearing for.
6. Prepare for common interview questions.
7. Dress well
8. Prepare your resume and have 2-3 copies with you.
1. Don’t be overconfident.
2. Don’t be late for the interview.
3. Don’t lie be honest with the interviewer.
4. Do not talk too much be to the point.
5. Don’t be in a Hurry.
6. Prepare your resume 2-3 weeks before.
7. Do not get demotivated.
8. Do not lose focus.

Bonus Tips

  • Prepare yourself according to the company you are applying for.
  • Read the about us section of the company and gather all the details.
  • Start giving free mock tests.
  • Do group discussions with your friends(Don’t do gossips).


The above given all the details will help you to clear college campus/placement. The most important thing which should be learned is the amount of effort you are giving to achieve your goal. Always remember Practice makes a man Perfect, this never gets old. Start your preparation from the day you are reading this article and give almost 3-4 hours daily to work on this. It may possible that all the aspects are not in the article but this is enough to understand the values. I wish you have a bright future.

Happy Reading!


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