Pankaj Tripathy the fan-favorite actor from the Indian popular web series Mirzapur, pulled a lot of popularity because of his organic acting skills and talent. No more time to wait for the Pankaj Tripathi’s new movie trailer Laali on Youtube. The trailer was released on Disney plus Hotstar youtube channel on 14th June 2022.

Pankaj Tripathi’s new movie Laali clearly seems to be based on loneliness, one side love story, depression, and pain. In this present era, loneliness, depression, and trauma are frequently happening for various reasons. Specifically, Laali’s movie tries to depict the story of a single-sided lover who always lives in the pain in absence of his love and starts living in an imaginary world where he finds happiness.

Laali Movie Trailer Review

The one-minute forty-eight-second trailer of Pankaj Tripathi’s new movie Laali seems to be soo an intriguing single-sided love drama. The trailer begins with a cute handsome groom character, arranging the dress hangers, clearing the dust, and slowly opening his attire. Then the trailer continues to show the groom in bed covered with a blanket staring at the roof with a smile. The smile depicts pain, love, and sacrifices.

After a few seconds of the trailer the groom laying beside a girl red dress, basically representing the person he loves. He takes it and deals with it like his cherished one and lay it on the bed, and he additionally lies next to it doing discussions, promotion grinning. The trailer closes with his man of the hour’s search in the clothing shop.

Laali Pankaj Tripathy Short Film Trailer

What Abhirap Basu, the director of the movie has to say

One day I was on my way to the Dasani Studios in Kolkata when I came across an istriwala’s shop. Suddenly, a wedding procession passed by his shop and he did not even look up; he went about with his job. That stayed with me, I was so intrigued.


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