2022 is not the perfect year for remake movies. There are a number of remakes released this year like Cuttputli, Vikram Vedha and etc but none of these has had any extraordinary impact on the box office. Mili is an official remake of the Malayalam film Helen released in 2019. The film is directed by the same director Mathukutty Xavier featuring Janhvi Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, and Sunny Kaushal as lead characters. In this article of Updatevilla, we mentioned the Mili Movie Review, Storyline, Cast, and More.

Mili is Bollywood’s first successful remake of the year 2022. The film received positive reviews and 8.4/10 ratings on IMDb to date. Janhvi Kapoor must be appreciated and praised for her performance in the movie, She is able to completely justify the character. If you haven’t watched the Malayalam version Helen then Janhvi Kapoor Mili has enough substance to keep you engaged and invested.

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Mili Movie Release Date, Cast, Director, Producer, Budget, and More

DirectorMathukutty Xavier
ProducerBoney Kapoor
CastJanhvi Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, and Sunny Kaushal
Release 4th November 2022
Budget38 Crores
Mili Movie Release Date, Cast, Director, Producer, Budget, and More

Mili Movie Review

First thing First if you have already watched Helen the Malayalam version then there is no need to watch the movie as this is the bit by bit the same. As the movie has nothing extraordinary to deliver but a simple storyline executed meticulously. Janhvi Kapoor as Mili seems to be the perfect fit for the character. Undoubtedly this can be one of the best performances of Janhvi Kapoor in all her movies. Manoj Pahwa, and Sunny Kaushalas Mili’s father and boyfriend are also justifying their characters, although their characters have nothing much to showcase.

From the very beginning, the character build-up of Mili seems interesting and raises curiosity about what coming next. Mili has the plan to visit Canada for further studies and a job for which she is fighting hard and working in a cafe. Mili is surrounded by many people, and everyone treats her accordingly, few love them, a roadside Romeo who teases her, her colleague like a best friend, and a boyfriend who belongs to another caste. The movie is a complete family-packed entertainer, and also to learn a few family moral values. The showcase of love between Mili and her father is still a dream for many parents and children.

After watching the movie I do have a question, is the remake required for the Movie? Over the past few months, it is noticed audience does not prefer the remakes no matter who you select as a cast. Whether it is OTT or in theatres remakes have failed everywhere this year. Helen the Malayalam version can be dubbed in Hindi and presented to the Hindi audience without investing a lot of capital and time. Movies like Sita Ramam, and Pushpa have done this in past and audiences loved that.

Mili Movie Review
Mili Movie Review

Mili Movie Review: Positives

  • The meticulously executed storyline irrespective of being a remake.
  • The performance y Janhvi Kapoor and all other cast holds the story to a time-tested capacity.
  • The character build-up of Mili is quite interesting.

Mili Movie Review: Negatives

  • It is the exact copy of Helen. Instead of remaking the complete movie, it should have done the Hindi dubbing the showcase to the Hindi audience.
  • Personally, I don’t like the songs in the movie. It can reduce the total length of the movie as well as the rhythm is not disturbed.

Mili Movie Review: Plot Summary

Mili is a small-town girl living with her father trying to achieve her dreams. Mili is preparing to fly to Canada for which she works hard day and night. She also needs to take care of her father’s health whether he is taking medicines on time or other kinds of stuff. She has a boyfriend too who belongs to another caste. A lot of hustle going on in Mili’s life until the day comes when she was accidentally stuck in a freezer in the cafe where she used to work.

Mili Movie Cast

  • Janhvi Kapoor as Mili Naudiyal
  • Sunny Kaushal as Sameer
  • Manoj Pahwa as Mr. Naudiyal
Mili Movie Trailer


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