Nope is a recently released Hollywood movie gaining a lot of attention because of the storyline and concepts. This is a mystery, sci-fi, elevated horror movie. The film stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Brandon Perea as lead characters. Jordan Peele is the director and writer of the movie. The audience loved the concept and the direction of the movie.

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The movie received a 7.1/10 rating on IMDb. A few days ago people were praising the Nope movie and the title of the film is trending on Twitter. One of the users wrote on Twitter –

Nope Movie Review

Nope is a sci-fi Hollywood movie. The three lead characters all are amazing to watch. The gripping storyline maintains the suspense till the end of the movie making it more interesting. The background music and classic cinematography are one of the strengths of the movie. The storyline is something unique not like a typical Hollywood sci-fi movie. OJ(Daniel Kaluuya) discovered an alien ship residing in the clouds hunting for people on earth.

Nope movie is full of actions and sci-fi stuff that are referenced throughout the movie. The most entertaining in eye-catching thing is the alien ship which changes to a complete monster thing. The credits and appreciation must be given to the designers to come up with such different things which have never been seen before.

The movie also bears some negative points one of which is mostly considered by the audience as the pace of the movie is a bit slow. But Nope has an amazing storyline, Music, and characters that can overcome the cons. Nope is probably not the best sci-fi movie of the year but has enough substance to keep us engrossed and invested. Overall Nope is a good movie to watch if you are fond of Science fiction movies.

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