TVF(The Viral Fever) Pitchers 2 Web Series is started streaming on the OTT platform Zee5. After the massive success of the first season released 7 years back in 2015. The makers decided to come up with a new season that also positively impacts the audience. TVF Pitchers Season 1 is available for free on the youtube channel. The first season has Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu who made one of the best character appearances and won the audience’s hearts.

The fans majorly missed Jitendra Kumar in the second season as he was not in the cast. The series is directed by Amit Golani, Created/Story by Arunabh Kumar. It is produced under the banner of The Viral Fever Media Lab. Season 2 started streaming on 23rd December 2022. The Pitchers season 2 cast includes the three main characters Naveen Kasturia as Naveen Bansal (Who has the startup Idea), Arunabh Kumar as Yogi, and Abhay Mahajan as Saurabh Mandal.

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Pitchers Season 2 Review

Pitchers both seasons 1 and 2 is a must-watch Indian Web series created by The Viral Fever. For the very first time, any series or show is based on startups and based on this genre. The directors, producers, and cast must be appreciated to bring this awesome storyline to the audience. Personally, I feel the first season has Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu who has a good performance and command of the audience which is completely missed in season 2.

At this present time, there is a lot of buzzes related to startups in the market. Making a mini-show out of this which is mostly relatable to entrepreneurs and startup people is just amazing. The show depicts the hard work given by the makers in all fields. The perfect cast selection, run time, well-executed plot, and cinematography all look to be placed in a perfect manner. The show has some great comedy punches, emotional stuff, and drama with crisp events.

The songs are quite good to listen to and vibe. The best thing about almost all the mini-series by TVF is the audience can relate to the storyline. A few more things are also portrayed in the series like the life of IT individuals, their work-life frustration, and how these IT industry is working behind the scenes.

Pitchers Season 2 Release Date, Director, Seasons, IMDb Rating, And Where To Watch

DirectorAmit Golani
Release Date23rd December 2022
Number of Episodes20
IMDb Rating9.10
Where to WatchZee5
Pitchers Season 2 Release Date, Director, Seasons, IMDb Rating, And Where To Watch

Pitcher Season 2 Full Cast

  • Naveen Kasturia as Naveen bansal
  • Arunabh Kumar as Yogi
  • Abhay Mahajan as Saurabh
  • Riddhi Dogra
  • Sikandar Kher

Pitchers Season 2 Review: Positives

  • Storyline/Plot – The simple and straightforward storyline with great execution which every working professional can relate to.
  • Dialogues/Comedy – The addition of good dialogue as well as the comedy punches are great fun to watch.
  • Mixed Emotion Vibes – Every episode will give a kind of emotion of success, failure, motivation, and more.
  • Lesson – A lesson to be learned never give up on your dreams.

Pitchers Season 2 Review: Negatives

  • Specific Audience – The series may not be considered too good by specific audiences who did not relate to the new trend of startup culture.
  • Jitendra Kumar – Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu is majorly missed in the show. He can add extra grip to the storyline.

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Pitchers Season 2 Official Trailer



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