Rasbhari the Indian Web Series has been streamed in Amazon Prime Videos containing 8 episodes and starring Swara Bhaskar. The Rasbhari web series didn’t stand up to the expectation and get criticized by many people due to the storyline and get only 2.5 ratings in IMDb.

Rashbhari has streamed in Amazon prime videos a few days ago, after the release of the web series many people criticized just because of the storyline and the plot of the web series. Many reviews on google and youtube all talking about the plot so let’s discuss the plot.


Rasbhari describes the story of Meerut, a student Nand and an English school teacher Shanu. The series starts with Nand where he starts narrating his life story. Apart from all these few more characters are in focused such Nand’s two friends and girlfriend in school, and men’s, and women of Meerut.

Nand describes his story as Meerut is the place where all men fall in love or go behind a beautiful woman. When Shanu was in Meerut all the men fall in love with her as well as Nand. The story gets complicated when Shanu gets engaged with many men of Meerut and have a romantic relationship. Nand is one of them but he never gets a chance to get engaged with her English teacher Shanu but he keeps trying. In the meanwhile, all women whose husbands get engaged with Shanu Madam got fired up and decided to take strict action on her.

In the middle, their many more small stories that are not so relatable such as Shanu Madam husband and Nand girlfriend the parallel stories. The suspense is that why Shanu madam engaged with everyone, then the suspense breaks up Nand and everyone gets to know Shanu mam is doing Nothing another woman living inside her Rasbhari described by his husband.

So in the last episode when all the Meerut women have decided to take action against her, she and her husband left Meerut with help of Nand’s and after leaving them, Nand realized Shanu Madam is only Rasbhari. So this is all about this shit.

Rasbhari Web Series Trailer

Rasbhari Web Series Review

The web series can be watched until episode 2 or 3 after this everything is shit. Yes, of course, every student has a crush on his teacher but no one wanting or desperate for sex. This can be managed but the plot/story of the web series is total shit, the concept of multiple personality disorder is totally unacceptable. If you create suspense for something end it with some genuine reason. There are many flaws in the web series the thing which can be appreciated is the dialogues and the execution.

I don’t know why these days every director and producer thinks that the web series cant make its just because it does not contain abusive language or sex scenes. The web series Rasbhari contains lots of abusive languages repeated many times and filled with romantic drama scenes.

Cast of Rasbhari

  • Swara Bhaskar as Shanu(English Teacher)
  • Neelu Kohli as Pushpa
  • Aushman Saxena as Nand Kishore Tyagi
  • Rashmi Agdekar as Priyanka
  • Chittrajan Tripathy as Tyagi
  • Sunakshi Grover as Rupali
  • etc

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