The journey of great Indian scientist Mr. Nambi Narayanan is perfectly showcased in the movie Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. Rocketry is a biographical Indian Bollywood movie based on the true-life incidents of former aerospace scientist Mr. Nambi Narayanan. The movie is directed and produced by R.Madhavan who is also playing the character of Nambi Narayanan.

The movie Rocketry has proved that this is the best biographical drama movie Bollywood has ever made before. R.Madhavan has given no points to complain about in the movie, the production, direction, and cinematography are all beyond imagination. It all feels like living Nambi Naryanan’s life while watching the movie.

In one of his interviews, R.Madhavan said how he gained weight, and worked on his teeth to look as realistic as the real character. This is one of the life’s performances by R.Madhavan.

Rocketry Movie Story

Rocketry movie is based on a dedicated, former aerospace scientist who has given all his life to India’s space mission. In return, he was falsely alleged of quisling and sharing important documents with the neighboring country. The movie depicts the life of young enthusiastic Nambi Naryanan rejecting NASA’s offer of his country to the old Nambi who is fighting for justice to prove himself innocent.

The movie showcased the contribution of Sir Nambi Naryanan to Indian Space missions and ISRO development. Many Indians are unfamiliar with the story of him, and how he managed to build the best rocket engine named VIKRAM. When Nambi completed his chemical rocket propulsion under Luigi Croco, He was offered a luxury life by NASA but he choose to work for his country and return back to India.

Rocketry movie also depicts how Nambi managed to arrange all the resources from other countries when our Nation has no budget for Space Missions. 52 Indian scientists with Nambi visit France for a mission to learn how to build a rocket engine and more advanced space technologies.

Rocketry Cast

  • R. Madhavan as Nambi Narayanan
  • Simran as Meena Narayanan
  • Rajit Kapur as Vikram Sarabhai 
  • Muralidaran as Arunan
  • Misha Ghoshal as Geeta Narayanan
  • Shyam Renganathan as Shankar Narayanan
  • Karthik Kumar as P. M. Nair
  • Gulshan Grover as A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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Rocketry Movie Review

Rocketry is a biographical drama-based movie, which received a 9.2/10 IMDb rating to date. The critics praised the extraordinary performance and screenplay by R.Madhavan. However, the direction can have better although it can be managed as the intention of the movie is too good.

There are many more things to witness in the movie such as the struggles of Nambi Narayanan to build the rocket engine and the struggles of his life after he falsely alleged espionage, and quisling. The movie was released in three different languages Hindi, Tamil, and English. Overall this is a must-watch movie for every Indian.

Rocketry Movie Details

ProducerSarita Madhavan
R. Madhavan
Varghese Moolan
Vijay Moolan
Release Date1st July 2022
Running Time157 minute
Budget20 Crore
Box Office Collectionest 15 crore Day 5


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