Sardar Udham Singh is one of the movies every Indian should watch. This is the story of an Indian freedom fighter who fights for India’s freedom from the British. We have read many stories of our freedom fighters but this movie reflects all the struggles faced to achieve freedom.

The movie portrays the story of a great freedom fighter Sardar Udham Singh and the brutal incident takes place in 1919 in Jalianwala Bagh, Punjab. The movie is released in Amazon prime videos and gained lots of appraisals because of the cinematography and brilliant piece of acting.

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Sardar Udham Singh Official Trailer
Release Date16 October 2021
Director Shoojit Sircar
IMDb Rating9.2/10
AvailabilityAmazon Prime Video
Sardar Udham Singh Movie Info

Sardar Udham Singh Movie Review

The movie shows the struggles behind India’s independence. Moreover, credit must be given to movie directors and producers. They recreated the scenes of history like living in a present scenario. The background music, cinematography all are at their best. Apart from that, the lead character Vicky Kaushal is justifying his role at its best.

The complete representation of what happened in Jaliawala bagh in 1919. Thousands of protestors were killed without a warning by the British government. The movie has some disturbing scenes where people were killed and freedom fighters were tortured. People with soft-hearted may face difficulties to watch the movie.

No other movie can give goosebumps or adrenaline rush of Desh Bhakti a film like this will give. The movie also covers some parts of Saheed Bhagat Singh the great Indian Freedom Fighter. The only way of the success of the movie is its representation of that era, costumes, characters, furniture and all the kinds of stuff are up to mark.

Read the complete story on IMDb.


This movie is a complete masterpiece to deep dive into the history of independence. It showcases the struggles faced by our freedom fighters to get independence. Every Indian must watch this movie.


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