Sixer Web Series Review: TVF Sports Drama Series is a treat to eyes especially for sports lovers

Sixer Web Series Review
Sixer Web Series Review

Sixer Web Series Review: Vijay Nagar Vijetas cricket team putting all their effort to win a cricket tournament hosted by a political leader. The series is full of emotions, drama, and comedy.

TVF(The Viral Fever) has continually produced something that is out of the box and the audience can’t deny to relate with the storyline. Pitchers Season 2 is recently released by TVF and received a very response from the critics as well as from the audience. Read the full review of Pitchers Season 2. Sixer is a mini web series released on Amazon Mini TV initially, now it is started streaming on the official youtube channel of TVF.

TVF has always been good with the storyline, cast selection as well as execution. This series reflects the same that you don’t need a huge budget to create something based on sports. It showcases a lot of things in single series, for example, parents’ thoughts on cricket, responsibilities, tennis ball cricket vs season ball cricket and etc. Overall this is one of the best Indian web series released in 2022. In this article on Updatevilla, we will review the series and list some positive and negative points.

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Sixer Web Series Review

Sixer is a sports-based drama web series where the cricket team Vijay Nagar Vejatas competes in a local tennis tournament organized by a political leader. The series depicts the obstacles faced by the team and the team from 3 members to reaching to finals of the tournament. Shivankit Singh Parihar as Nikku and Badri Chavan as Aussie is the heart of the series and holds the storyline till the very end. It has a total of 6 episodes all are engaging and never give a feeling of boredom. Apart from these two characters, there are more and they all justified their role in the series.

The best thing about the series is if you have ever played gully cricket you must relate with the characters. Different players in the team has different storyline running in the background which is a part of a regular Indian family. The chilling transformation of Nikku the Destroyer from being a man with lots of egos, attitude, and irresponsibility to a smart responsible guy is a pleasure to watch. The director must be appreciated to bring this smooth storyline with smart execution.

Although there are a few negatives in the series which must have to cover. The series has multiple scenes where they are indirectly promoting the sponsors in every episode. The other worst or most irritating part of the series is the commentators. That tone is really ear-bleeding.

Sixer Web Series Release Date, Director, Cast, IMDb Rating, and Where To Watch

DirectorArunabh Kumar
CastShivankit Singh Parihar, Badri Chavan, Rahul Tewari
Release Date2022
IMDb Rating 8./10
Where To WatchAmazon Mini Tv, Youtube
Sixer Web Series Release Date, Director, Cast, IMDb Rating, and Where To Watch

Sixer Web Series Full Cast

  • Shivankit Singh Parihar as Nikku
  • Badri Chavan as Aussie
  • Rahul Tewari as Alok
  • Karishma Singh as Gargi
  • Brij Bhusan Shukla as Rajesh Bhaiya
  • Vaibhav Shukla as Deepak
  • Suraj Rikame as Arshad
  • Puneet Batra as Gopwani and etc

Sixer Web Series Review: Positives

  • Plot/Storyline – Amazing storyline to watch. The good execution makes it more interesting.
  • Dialogues – The humor and dialogues are good and overwhelming.
  • Cast Selection – As there are many characters involved in the series, so the cast selection matters but it’s done in a fluent way.
  • Performance – The character of Nikku and Aussie is the best combo to watch. All the characters justified their roles.

Sixer Web Series Review: Negatives

  • Ads – Too many times sponsors ads are integrated.
  • Commentary – Personally I feel the tone used in the commentary is something annoying and not pleasant to the ears.

Sixer Web Series All Episodes

Sixer Episode 1 – Switch Hit
Sixer Episode 2 – Balle Baazi
Sixer Episode 3 – Match Day Live
Sixer Episode 4 – Golden Duck
Sixer Episode 4 – Superb Over


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