Tearmoon empire anime 2023 trailer review

Tearmoon empire anime trailer review

You should never have anticipated an anime adaptation of the manga Tearmoon Empire. There is a recently released anime trailer where you can glimpse the princess’ predicament. The main character, Mia Luna Tearmoon, will be voiced by voice actress Sumire Uesaka. Consider the fresh image of Mia facing the guillotine as well. Share your views in the comment section down below.
The series by Mizu Morino has a manga adaptation that debuted in Comic Corona magazine on August 12, 2019. Both the English-language light novel and manga series have been licensed by J-Novel Club. Nozomu Mochitsuki wrote the first installments of the light novel series, and Gilse provided the illustrations. On August 13, 2018, it debuted as a novel on Shousetsuka ni Narou.

In 2023, an anime adaptation will be released. The anime’s production team is led by director Yuushi Ibe, series author Deko Akao, character designer Mai Ootsuka, and soundtrack composer Kouji Fujimoto of Sus4 Inc. The animation’s creation is under the direction of Studio SILVER LINK.

STORY according to J-novel club

According to J-Novel Mia the main character, the selfish princess of the fallen Tearoomon Empire, wakes up as a twelve-year-old as she lost her head to Madame la Guillotine at the age of twenty, the victim of her own self-serving policies and willful ignorance. With time rewound, she sets out to right the countless wrongs that plague the ailing Empire. She seeks out the aid of others, starting with her loyal maid Anne and minister Ludwig. whether she’s twenty or twelve, Mia is generally someone who’d much rather take the easy path out every moment and isn’t all that eager on putting in the effort to develop her country – unless there’s anything in it for her, of course.

Mia is seen approaching a guillotine in the opening scene of the video and is then beheaded. As she wakes up in her younger body as a 12-year-old self, she finds the diary she had always carried with her. Mia’s haughty demeanor will alter now that she is aware of her miserable destiny, and she will eventually find people who will support her. And now, she knows about the chronology of events and can start planning to prevent the rebellion.

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