Titu Ambani is a new Bollywood forthcoming movie to be released on 8th July 2022. The movie stars Tushar Pandey and Deepika Singh as the lead characters of the movie. The two-minute thirty-three-second trailer is released on Sony Music India‘s Youtube channel. In this article, we put Titu Ambani’s Movie Trailer Review, Release Date, and Full Cast.

Titu Ambani movie is directed by Rohit Raj Goyal and this time he penned some great co-stars which will make the plot of the movie more strong. Actors Such as Raghuvir Yadav and Shukla Ji, Virendra Saxena as Narendra Trivedi, and Brijendra Kala as Sajan Chaturvedi are also in the movie.

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Titu Ambani Storyline

The Trailer begins by reflecting the thought of a typical Indian family where Mosmi (A teenage girl) whose parents are asking about her marriage. As Mosmi is the only child in the family, she wanted to be independent and take care of his family. Tushar Pandey as Titu and Mosmi fall in love with each other. After a lot of complications and drama, their family agrees to marry them.

The real story begins after the marriage as Titu wanted to establish a business and become rich. To establish a business he needs a loan in the name of his wife Mosmi, but she refuses to agree to take a loan in her name. They both fight and get separated and lots of things happened in the trailer. At the end of the trailer, Titu fails to set up the business, and the business gets collapsed. What happened to the business, did they both come together? To find all the answers witness the movie on 8th July 2022 in Theatres.

Titu Ambani Trailer Review

Titu Ambani Trailer Review

From the trailer, the movie seems to give a lot of social messages to society. Definitely, there is love, drama, comedy, and more. It can predict the plot of the story focuses on the social message that girls too have the right to take care of their parents after and before the girl’s marriage.

Deepika Singh is on her debut in the lead role big screen Bollywood movies. She looks amazing in the character and she fits into the desired role play. People must know Deepika Singh from the famous Star Plus TV Serial Diya Aur Baati Hum. On the other Side, Tushar Pandey has worked on different famous movies like Chichore, Pink, etc.

The description of the Titu Ambani Trailer Says – ‘ Inviting you to a seemingly normal but unique wedding – meet Titu and Moushumi, who are lovebirds and face minimal troubles getting married. The rest test comes after when Moushumi insists on financially supporting her parents while Titu requests a large sum needed to kick-start his business. What happens after, and is the business a success? Watch this space to find out more! ‘

Titu Ambani Full Cast And Crew

  • Deepika Singh As Mosmi
  • Tushar Pandey as Titu
  • Raghuvir Yadav and Shukla Ji
  • Virendra Saxena as Narendra Trivedi
  • Brijendra Kala as Sajan Chaturvedi
  • Pritam Jaiswal As Kiku
  • Samta Sagar as Sugandha Trivedi

Titu Ambani Movie Details – Release Date, Director, and More

Release Date8th July 2022
DirectorRohit Raj Goyal
WriterRohit Raj Goyal
OTT PlatformNot Announced yet
Lead CastDeepika Singh and Tushar Pandey
ProducerMahendra Vijaydan Detha and Dinesh Kumar
Titu Ambani Movie Details – Release Date, Director, and More
When is Titu Ambani Releasing?

Titu Ambani will be released on 8th July 2022 in theatres.

What is the cast of Titu Ambani’s Movie?

Tushar Pandey and Deepika Singh Stars as the leas Cast in Titu Ambani’s Movie



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