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With the widespread use of social media growth, many people are searching for an easy approach to employing inexpensive visual content tools to generate eye-catching material. To stand out online, influencers need to develop their ability to produce professionally edited photographs and inventive visuals. However, not all content producers have formal training as graphic designers or illustrators.

If you’re not a professional designer whose employment pays for your access, it is probably not worth paying for and mastering the software due to the cost and challenging user interface.
Canva and other internet applications become so well-known in the previous few years because of this.

Canva is one of the top graphic design tools available, but it’s not for everyone and has certain drawbacks. Several Canva alternatives can be helpful in this situation. Here is our ranking of the top Canva alternatives for graphic design. Each of these apps, like Canva, enables even those without formal design training to create stunning visual material.

1. Snappa

The choice that is excellent for social media experts or bloggers is Snappa. They provide original and fashionable social media and blog layouts in addition to personalized fonts.
This free editing tool is undoubtedly for individuals who prefer quick results without watching lengthy instructional films or following interactive guides. The website strives to avoid using duplicate information and opposes cheesiness, therefore original graphics and photos are always assured.
The capability to post your creations immediately to social media without leaving the platform sets Snappa apart from many Canva rivals.

Starter: $0 with three monthly downloads
Pro: $15/month for unlimited downloads, uploads of custom fonts, integrations with social media, and more
Team: $30/month for all of Pro plus five users and team communication

2. Easil

One of those drag-and-drop DIY graphic design tools is Easil, which makes the entire process simple enough that anyone can make pictures using simple editing software.
Easil is a Canva substitute that offers modern, colorful templates. Instagram stories and other typical social media sites are the most popular.
Given that it features a Brand Kit function, it is ideal for projects that focus on brands. This enables you to save and access design components that are consistent with your brands, such as colors, fonts, logos, and other materials.
There are several design elements available for the editor to use. The extensive array of shape masks is the most noteworthy. Additionally, there are graphics, patterns, illustrations, and symbols.

Free, Easil Plus ($6.25/member/month), and Easil Edge ($49/member/month) are the available prices (billed annually).

3. Stencil

Stencil is a simple Canva substitute that makes it simple to quickly produce pictures for your website or social media networks. For those who need to produce material quickly and don’t require additional tools, there is the stencil. Since there are so many quotes to pick from, it’s ideal for content writers who use quotes frequently.
The quantity of stock images in its library is its greatest asset. For your project, you can pick from more than 5 million royalty-free images. These pictures are all high-resolution as well. You’ll undoubtedly produce incredibly sharp graphic designs.
You can generate up to 10 photos every month with their free plan, or you can pay more for one of their paid plans.

Pricing: Free, Pro ($9/month), and Unlimited ($12/month) (Billed Annually)

4. Visme

Strong Canva alternatives include Visme. You can make social media graphics, infographics, quick videos, and more using Visme. If you don’t want to start from scratch, there are several templates and other resources available to you that appear professional.
It’s one of the most intricate instruments out there. Both audio and video content are supported. The drag-and-drop editor makes designing enjoyable. The provided animations give your material some flair.
The tool streamlines the generation of content and gives users access to over 50 charts and data widgets, millions of photos, thousands of icons, and simple-to-use templates.
You can choose between their free plan and their premium features, which cost more. For businesses, they also provide enterprise options.

Basic: $0 for 100MB of storage, ongoing customer service, and more
Personal: $29/month for all the features of Basic plus 250GB of storage, live chat, and email support around-the-clock, complete access to templates and resources, and more.
Business: $59 per user per month, including 3GB of storage, privacy controls, and other features.
Enterprise: Personalized with all the features of Business plus 25GB of storage, a unique sub-domain, and more

5. Piktochart

In order to have greater creative freedom while making business visuals, such as infographics, reports, and presentations, Piktochart is a great alternative to Canva.
Professionally designed templates are available in abundance on Piktochart. Making your own template and using it repeatedly is a smart option if you want to develop a lot of infographics, charts, and reports. Additionally, you have the option of uploading your own logos, brand colors, and fonts.
Your ability to generate custom charts, graphics, and infographics using Piktochart’s library of data visualization templates is its area of expertise.
Easy-to-use data visualization tools are the focus of this graphic design tool, but it also provides templates for making your own social media photos and presentation slides.

Free offer
monthly schedule $14/month
yearly plan $168 annually


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