Best Smelling Paco Rabanne Perfumes for LADIES

Paco Rabanne Black Xs

Very fresh and sexy scent with floral and gourmand notes such as cacao and vanilla. It’s somewhat sweet, but not candy-like with fruity cranberry notes.

Olympea Intense

This scent kicks off with a blend of vanilla and salt, giving it a sort of toffee aroma at first.

Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet

The opening can be a bit intense with the spice, as you get a few different peppers and coriander, coming through.

Lady Million

The floral notes open with a strong gardenia, light orange blossom, and some jasmine.


Calandre is another floral but one that is paired with soft green and woodsy notes. A more refined and classical offering.

Black Xs L exces

A dark sweetness that is paired with vanilla and other floral notes.

Olympea Legend

This one is a beast with a super plum note up top, syrupy sweetness, and a salty near aquatic aroma at times also.

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