Shamshera is a recently released movie starring Ranbir Kapoor, Vaani Kapoor, and Sanjay Dutt. The movie was initially released in theatres on 22nd July 2022. Then after a month, the movie started streaming on the OTT platform Amazon Prime. Shamshera failed to impress the audience and have a very huge impact on Box Office Collection. In this article, we have 5 reasons why the Shamshera movie flopped.

The movie is Backed by Yash Raj Films. Shamshera’s budget is a total of 150 crores and the Shamshera box office collection is 6.5 crores only, which leads the filmmakers to a huge loss. There are many reasons why the movie was criticized by critics. It is mainly because of the execution and loopholes.

Recently, after the release of the Shamshera movie in OTT, the audience find a massive goof which leads the movie to be tolled on Twitter. In one of the action scenes where Vaani Kapoor is saving his child in an action scene, a closer look at the scene shows she is not actually holding a baby/child/doll that is only the towel. The filmmakers are trolled by this, as this movie has a massive budget.

Shamshera Official Trailer
Director Karan Malhotra
Produced byAditya Chopra
StarsRanbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, and Vaani Kapoor
Release Date22nd July 2022 in theatres
Budget150 crore
Box office Collection64 crore
Shamshera release date, cast, Budget, and box office collection

Shamshera Story

Shamshera belongs to the Khameran tribe. The Khameran tribe is fighting for their existence and good life. Daroga Shudh Singh and the British empire trapped the people of the Khameran tribe. The British empire started killing the people of the Khameran tribes. Shamsheraand his son fights for the people of the Khameran tribe to get away from Daroga Sudh Singh and British Empire. Read the full story

5 Reasons Why Shamshera failed to impress the audience

  1. Number of Songs – The movie consists of almost six songs. Because of the number of songs the movie storyline becomes boring and less gripping.
  2. Romance – Shamshera portrays a cute love story between Ranbir Singh and Vaani Kapoor. It seems to be fair for some time but when it includes a lot of love, romance takes the movie in another direction.
  3. Cast Selection – Sanjay Dutt is fond of doing these intriguing characters, and he justifies his role completely. Ranbir Kapoor looks a good fit for the character, but if instead of Vaani Kapoor some other can do this intense role more better.
  4. Goofs – Recently when the movie was released in OTT the audience found massive goofs in a scene. The scene shows Vaani Kapoor protecting a baby in the intense fight but a closer look at the scene shows there is no doll it is only the towel.
  5. No Promotions – The movie was announced in early 2022 February but the teaser and trailer were released in June 2022 before the one month of release till then there is a lot of buzz on social media for the film Brahmastra.
Is Shamshera movie a flop?

The total budget of the movie is 150 crores and its box office collection is stated to be 64 crores. Shamshera is considered to be a flop movie with huge losses.

Is Shamshera based on a real story?



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